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How are you?
@Bill 228有關?
@松本徹 應該沒有關聯
@Madly 「瘋狂」 Foot massage(titter)
Ah, maybe i should go there xD my feet are killing me right now
Currently, photos are only archived on my blog. Place, date, lens, etc.
(I started to take photo records in 2005)
@Tigerjuggler 榕樹(banyan trees) are very powerfully eat constructions! (tongue)
They're beautiful though, in some of your photos they are taking buildings that are still being used
So colorful ^~^ very pretty <3
It's cool
In the last picture the roots of the tree look like a spider web :)
i like them lampions/lanterns (smile)
@Madly 「瘋狂」 In Japan, there are many early - morning - markets in seaside towns. Taiwan is the same, I think.
@Madly 「瘋狂」3_betel nuts, 4_meat/beef,sukiyaki foodstuff, 5_pharmacy,meat,underwear(right to left)