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How are you?
@Madly 「瘋狂」 Foot massage(titter)
Ah, maybe i should go there xD my feet are killing me right now
@Bill 228有關?
@松本徹 應該沒有關聯
Currently, photos are only archived on my blog. Place, date, lens, etc.
(I started to take photo records in 2005)
@Tigerjuggler 榕樹(banyan trees) are very powerfully eat constructions! (tongue)
They're beautiful though, in some of your photos they are taking buildings that are still being used
So colorful ^~^ very pretty <3
It's cool
In the last picture the roots of the tree look like a spider web :)
i like them lampions/lanterns (smile)
@Madly 「瘋狂」 In Japan, there are many early - morning - markets in seaside towns. Taiwan is the same, I think.
@Madly 「瘋狂」3_betel nuts, 4_meat/beef,sukiyaki foodstuff, 5_pharmacy,meat,underwear(right to left)