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Playing Kings Raid Gamertag VenomG2
Well there goes my Christmas 🙁😖😞😟
1 week ago
while I was gone 😊
3 weeks ago
I see me (titter)
3 months ago
Well it's time for me to leave here but before I leave here's something about me people didn't know. I'm a single father, I have 2 beautiful boys that I would die for and do everything for them. I was a Legend on the G2 server of Monster Warlord and was a top player of G1.
3 months ago
Me singing ADTR - if it means a lot to you
3 months ago
Spongebob the anime 😱
3 months ago
Me singing adtr - you should've killed me when you had the chance
4 months ago
Me singing FFDP - The bleeding
4 months ago