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Samurai by choice. Chef by birth.
Bored at work. Thought I'd make a little art.
5 days ago
"A Samurai's Tale"

There's light in darkness.
My blade is dark, but it shines.
I'll aim for the stars...
6 days ago
When a sushi chef makes Vietnamese bánh mì for his squad.

#Munchies #AtWork #FuckSushi
2 weeks ago
New Year's Event at my restaurant.

"A Samurai's Tale"

Our time is priceless,
We spend that time on wisdom,
To find what is true.

When you find the truth,
The path of enlightenment,
Is one step closer.

Happy New Year everyone.
2 weeks ago
"A Samurai's Tale"

Journey to the west.
Once in a hundred years.
An egg is preserved.

A Chinese treasure.
Guarded by terra cotta.
Behold, century egg...
3 weeks ago
"A Samurai's Tale"

I search of rare foods.
In Edo, they make sushi.
A fish in a bowl.

The fish is scattered.
They swim upon sushi rice.
3 weeks ago
Sometimes, it's not about the family you're born in to but the family that you bond with. To my 大哥(pronounced "dah guh"), thank you for choosing me as your daughter's god father. But most importantly, thank you for providing me another family to love and care about.

#ChineseChristmas #ButImNotChinese
3 weeks ago
"A Samurai's Tale"

A bond between two,
Seed of Earth, fruit of the sea.
Beware nigiri...
3 weeks ago
At the end of the day, it's not about pleasing others. "You" are the single most important person in your life. But it doesn't hurt to please the people that do matter. Never forgot your roots and never forget your roux.

#FamilyMeal #Gumbo4Days
1 month ago
"A Samurai's Tale"

Sushi and fried rice.
When life gives you leftovers.
Make midnight munchies.
1 month ago
A Samurai's Tale

"Cuisine is an art.
Beauty does not come from what,
But why it is made..."
1 month ago
Nothing like an impromptu dinner. Braised pork belly and fish balls with cauliflower, sweet and russet potatoes. Add fried dumplings, rice, and a few beers. #foodgasm #latenightmunchies
#mydinner #betterthan #yourdinner
1 month ago
Made maki sushi platters for an important business dinner. Still need to work on my packing, but otherwise aesthetically pleasing.
1 month ago
Turkey and brisket, anyone? Getting tired of making sushi...
2 months ago
"Panda Dreams of Sushi"
2 months ago
Got shiba?
2 months ago
"A samurai's tale.
Cut your enemy like fish.
We call it sushi."
- A Samurai (pray)
2 months ago
2 months ago
Tunas are roses.
Yellowtail is not yellow.
This haiku is bad. (amen)
2 months ago