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So. the demon returns.
she is back at it again. came to my room on her own and plopped down right on my lap without. a second thought.
2 days ago
Apparently this is cannon to the star wars films
2 days ago
I bet most of you wont be able to guess which iconic transformers character this is.
2 days ago
when asked the reason the decepticons lost the war, megatron simply answered

2 days ago
Brothers till the end...
3 days ago
All hail Optimus prime!
5 days ago
transformers epic orchestral cover!

2 sides wage war over the rusted surface of a once great planet.
for freedom, for justice, for peace!
one shall rise! and one shall fall!
5 days ago
a few screenshots I took while playing
1 week ago
its honestly hard to say. how long has it been. You've been following me around for such a long time. you were always there. is this a game you play? do you wish to indulge me in it as well? you are a part of me? why? is it so bad I got a demon in me? of course sanity shouldn't be forgotten but you keep pulling me away. your little tricks, they just pester me. ive grown considerably more tolerable yet you still want conflict. you remember? our pride always dragged us down, but "its ok" you said. "ignore them. they are all wrong" you said. "it isn't your fault" you said. and you still do. tell me what interests you. you are a part of me so what are you. I can't be the spawn of a devil to have you around and I know youre not exactly from hell. my angel tells me to ignore you but its impossible. as much as I try I will always here that voice of yours, but hey. I don't care. its not ignorance. its just that you honestly bore me at times. just another voice in my head. I wonder how long you will last in there. ah well what does it matter. I'm in control here!
1 week ago
another year gone by. on this day last year I cam to pal+. what could I expect? I knew no one on here except those few people that I hung around with. Im out of things to say. all I want to note is that its been a bumpy ride and its not over yet. lets make this new year great! and thank you all for sticking around.
2 weeks ago
why must you put up this wall? Don't you trust me? I gave you my trust when you gave me your friendship. you helped me destroy my wall I have built and kept for so long, yet when i see you in need of help you keep your wall. you never asked me if you could destroy my wall yet I let you and I want to thank you but when you build up your own wall you wont let me tear it down even though I asked?

all I hope for is that whatever is on that other side of your wall, I hope, I plead, I pray that you will come back safe and sound
2 weeks ago
I've been playing more conclave and after a while I started feeling weird. my movements were slower. I could barely jump off the ground. snowballs keep hitting me in the face and there is no way to escape the ugly fangs of melee weapons that seem like heavy logs. my nezha felt like it was sprayed with anti friction liquid or something.

then I found out about the new update to conclave that made it slower.

look guys. all of you who play warframe. this update is atrocious. before this update conclave felt so mobile and free spirited. I know Im not even close to the best conclave player but I gotta admit I started liking it more and more recently but these slow matches with slow controls is just plain unacceptable.

destiny crucible feels more fast paced then warframe conclave (don't get me wrong I love destiny pvp) but warframe conclave had something most other pvp games didn't and that was mobility and speed. sure the speed couldve been toned down but not by this much. I brought in a reaper prime and it had an attack speed equal to a galatine. its just that bad.

who else agrees with me that they should fix conclave?
2 weeks ago
I just want to take a moment to tell you guys who would care about me, about myself. I know many of you may treat me with some respect or at least have earned my trust so I could open up.

look i was foolish and stupid. a stupid kid who's curiosity and broad mind always got the best of him. I haven't had a close friend until 7th grade which wasnt that many years ago. I grew up without knowing how to socialize with others. Im not autistic no. I just never realised how to deal with people.

in full truth when I first got onto an online community it was all sorts of madness. because I didn't know how to properly socialize I was selfish, disrespectful and was always annoying. I was a runt among others.

I want to say sorry for my immaturity. I was an asshole who didn't know how to control himself. I wanted respect yet I rarely gave any to others. I was flawed. broken without realizing it.

and now I want to say thank you as well. thank you to those people who listened, who supported me and helped me mature to this point where I can be respectful and kind. if it wasnt for you guys Id be another lonely jerk making his way through a harder life.

Im not suicidal. there is no way Im gonna quit. I was broken years ago but that hasn't stopped me from functioning now has it?

this is my message to all those who stuck with me through 2016. I appreciate your support. now I want to support you!
2 weeks ago
how I feel about conclave. I think its actually rigged.
2 weeks ago
Isn't it strange how those next to you often feel the most distant yet those farthest away feel the closest?
2 weeks ago
rogue one scarred me for life. I can't even take this gif without getting upset over the ending.
2 weeks ago
a final send off for carrie fisher and the year 2016
2 weeks ago
my little sister put our cat on my bed since she really likes it there. I go out of the room and come back to see the little furball plopped right in the middle of the bed and I now have to sit on the edge. (tears)
3 weeks ago