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my cat always gets high on tree's
2 weeks ago
i feel like theres beauty in everything if you know where to look (taken with my lg g5)
5 months ago
#crazycat pal id regalriddick
that moment when your cat thinks he's a spy and climbs a try to peep at people in a car (unnoticed)
1 year ago
just wanted to say tc finally on there way back up and i love you guys lets keep up the good work
ps were top100 anyone looking for a fun guild to join we have 5 spaces open
2 years ago
Animals are pure and honest...people should be more like them...(my little guy about to run after a bird)
2 years ago
best iv ever done in eb
2 years ago
i made this meme of my cat on/for LoL picks app it was so popular they featured it on there main page....i hope you all enjoy the humour in it as well
2 years ago
hit ss rank with 4 seconds left....its sad when in 1 week half the ppl in your guild stop hitting cause farcry 3 came out for xbox one but whats worse is when u have to kick inactives of those you played with for years
2 years ago
my cat
2 years ago
ever wonder why some cats dont like water? LoL
2 years ago
my "son" kasper who thinks hes a 🐕 even tho hes a 🐱
2 years ago