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I was here in a nother account before but I forgot the account information. Online I go by nicknames, so you can call me Conti or Kraus.
Jiao long is a character I created and I have yet to create more. It's nice to meet you. Instagram @_batteriessoldseparately___ twitter @thesketchykei
I may have posted this on my old account ( just so no one thinks I'm a theif). I've changed my signature since then as well because I changed my gaming name. So from LB to LVO or leveeo.
2 weeks ago
I'm trying to get my style to look more as if I was a mangaka.. This is my character Jiao-Long.
2 weeks ago
안녕하세요. I'm not exactly new here but I came back in a different account.
This is my character Jiao-long.
3 weeks ago