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I have a boyfriend and I'm not interested in sex chats or sending nudes so plzz don't bother asking cause I'm only looking for friends and I will not be sending any pics of me of any kind to anyone so don't ask for those either I don't show my face on here
my Mammaw got me the cutest little pastry for my bday I think it's adorable
2 weeks ago
dyed my hair all over purple I love it
3 months ago
I binge watched this over the past day or so and it was so good I loved the book the show was amazing it exceeded my expectations and this song at the end was beautiful I highly recommend u guys watch this just the obvious warning that it's sad and there r some scenes that r hard to watch but the show is worth it
Watch "Selena Gomez - Only You (Lyric Video)" on YouTube
4 months ago
perfect song to a certain person they know who they r this song says everything I have left to say to them
Watch "No - Meghan Trainor - Lyrics" on YouTube
5 months ago
I've been borrowing my mom's 3ds for a long time now but she wanted it back so I got this one and I love it it's so awesome and I love the theme I got it's all the evolutions of Eevee in sun and moon and I've already gotten well into the game I'm on the second island now
5 months ago
one of my favorite songs from the movie I love singing along i sing all of them when I'm alone Emma's voice is great
Watch "Emma Watson - Belle (Reprise) (From "Beauty and the Beast"/Audio Only)" on YouTube
5 months ago
finally got Pokemon moon yesterday I picked my starter it's adorable and I love it!! (like)(like)(fawn)(fawn)
5 months ago