David Rivera
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To start, I love photography! Its a passion of mine. I enjoy drawing as well as playing my instruments. I would love to travel to so many places. I know for a fact I am a dreamer. 😏
IMO I think my selfie game is the best after a nice shower! 😝😛😂
3 days ago
The random things i draw when bored 😫 😂
5 days ago
Standing amongst the majestic mountains make me feel so free! 😅😊📷
1 week ago
It me! Lol Literally took it today so this is the most recent picture of me. 😅😛
2 weeks ago
Not the best of my work....but class can be so boring I doodle all over my work lol 😬😂
2 weeks ago
Have you ever seen a sunset and ran inside to grab your camera and ran back outside to take a picture? I have. 😂📷
2 weeks ago
Long story short...I was in class and I was bored. 😛
2 weeks ago
On the way back there was a forest fire 😱😱 Luckily it was controlled but still made me a little sad 😕
3 weeks ago
There are no words for the feelings I felt when I stood here. The view was just breathtakingly beautiful!
3 weeks ago