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ɢʊɨʟɖ- ɦօʍʊռċʊʟʊs
mw names- Charity/Istalena/Angel/Ryuk/Nyx/Prospherpine/Thana/Psycho

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ı'м α łσsт sσυł, cσηтıηυσυsły sєαяcнıηg ƒσя нσмє. ı'м α ρσєт, α ρнσтσgяαρнєя, ı yєαяη тσ cαρтυяє тнσsє sρєcıαł σηcє ıη α łıƒєтıмє мσмєηтs. ı'м kıη∂; ρєянαρs тσσ kıη∂ ƒσя мy σωη gσσ∂. ı łσѵє ƒσяєsтs тнαт нαѵє α тнσυsαη∂ ωαys тσ gєт łσsт ıη тнєм, мy вıggєsт ∂яєαм ıs тσ тяαѵєł тнє ωσяł∂, тσ sєєk ωнαт ı нαѵє ησт yєт ƒσυη∂.
bahahaha so wrong... but why am i still laughing? (crylaugh)(crylaugh)(crylaugh)(sweat)
6 hours ago
10 hours ago
Rick And Morty is life
Rick And Morty is Love
1 day ago
Oi... finally using snappy chat again (titter)(crylaugh)(crylaugh)
these filters though
meow 😹
2 days ago
hot shower✔️
feeling good ✔️
ready to have a good day ✔️
3 days ago
my score from the last time I checked yesterday (sweat)
3 days ago
ι dιd do preттy greaт ғor qυeen nυв (ノ^o^)ノ
нιgнeѕт ѕcore ι ever goт.. and proвaвly and ѕadly тнe нιgнeѕт ғor a wнιle. вυт oн well.
4 days ago

wнen ι'м alone ι'll тaĸe oυт мy вlade,
ι'll waтcн aѕ ιт ѕlιdeѕ over мy ѕĸιn wιтн ѕυcн ғreedoм.
ι'll тrace ιт over мy old ѕcarѕ, over тнe тнe oneѕ тнaт alмoѕт тooĸ мe away.
тнe cool вlade wιll ѕмιle at мe and nυdge мe on.
ι'll ғeel тнe ѕнarp edge вιтιng ιnтo мy ѕĸιn.
and ι gaѕp.. вυт noт wιтн paιn вυт wιтн reмeмвerence oғ wнaт ιт ғelт lιĸe тo cυт ιnтo тнιѕ ѕĸιn oғ мιne.
тнe вlood тнaт ѕpιlт, тнe вlood тнaт waѕнed away all oғ мy paιn.
тнe вlood тнaт мade мe ғeel нυмan agaιn.
тнeѕe тнoυgнтѕ, мeмorιeѕ υѕed тo worĸ.
ι dιdnт υѕe тo нave тo preѕѕ тнe вlade ιnтo мy wrιѕт.
вυт laтely, ιт'ѕ all ι can do тo noт ѕlιce мy wrιѕтѕ once мore.
and ѕo, ι'll ĸeep мy вlade wιтн мe alwayѕ.

-cнarιтy в
4 days ago
ι тнιnĸ ι dιd preттy good ғor qυeen nυв (suspect)

anywayѕ тнιѕ acтυally ιѕ тнe вeѕт ѕcore ι've ever goттen.. ѕo ι'м proυd oғ тнaт (nitrous)
5 days ago
нeнe ιт'ѕ ғυnny вυт lιĸe alѕo ѕad and coмpleтely adoraвle
5 days ago
oĸay gυyѕ.. ι'м oғғιcιally вacĸ on мw.. do add мe (〜^∇^)〜

and yeѕ вeғore anyone aѕĸѕ ι do нave a gυιld and ι plan on ѕтayιng тнere...
тнanĸ yoυ нoмυncυlυѕ└(^o^)┐
6 days ago
goodnιgнт.. ѕweeт dreaмѕ

6 days ago
ɦaɦa... tօtaʟʟʏ ʍɛ ʀռ
7 days ago
Chu! ^-^
isn't she adorable! (fawn)(heartbeat2)
1 week ago

My dreams have haunted me since I was only three.
And I've spent years trying to find me, the one I used to be.
The child who believed in magic; the one who's life wasn't so devastatingly tragic.
The child who believed in love; the love she once had, she is now unworthy of.
My dreams that were once beautiful have turned into demons; leaving me to awake screaming.
And the monsters that I'm always running from; have turned me numb.
I've been searching for something to hold on to,
So that when I loose my footing I'll find my way back.
And in my room you'll always find a bag packed.
Because the child in my dreams,
Knows that nothing i ever as it seems.
Darkness took a hold on her long ago,
And no matter how much she said no the abuse never stopped.
No matter how much she begged to be saved from this nightmare that had become her life; No one ever blinked an eye.
And so she always lived with each horrifying traumatic events sketched inside her mind.

-Charity B
1 week ago
I'M BACKKKK. (amen)
And yes I dyed my hair; No it's not blue unfortunately..But burgundy is just as beautiful on me(wicked)
Hope you guys had a great weekend, I know I did. (huh)
1 week ago
Hopefully I'll be back Monday.. Until then don't forget me (amen)(cupid1)

Poof out(wink1)(lovelove1)
2 weeks ago
Another book done. Now this one isn't about magic, but it is about romance and moving on.. I hope some of you will read it; it's quite good. (amen)
2 weeks ago
This may be old....but I love me some Duffy..Mhm. (lovelove1)
2 weeks ago
2 weeks ago