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Mangoes, Coconut, Rice, Tea, Balela, Laap, and Bitter Berries

I like bird and fish
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Holy shut that darn duckersuck
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motion sickness is a killer
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slightly rightly on the left side door
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really ought to nap later but maybe right now is good
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it's not over now
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I don't need more pants
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sleepy kit spam
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you jelly
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Charlie boy so cute
loves his belly rubs😍😍💖
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Charlie belly rub
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Mei and puggy Bailey
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I just like this little writing place, it's kind of a little cove and I can sit here and write whatever I feel like.
I want to have a serious thoughtful moment here with myself and for anyone who stumbles upon it and decides to think about it with me.
I am a passionate person, I am.
I love to be alone with my thoughts, I love to walk by myself, to wake early, to nap later,, and some days I love to spend the day enjoying the long hours of sun while on a hike or journey to somewhere.
I love when the days seem to go on forever and when I feel so incredibly tired and can curl up just about anywhere for a nice rest. I love to feel cold, terribly chilly, I love to be so hot and sweaty, I love to feel the misty rain on my face and I don't care that it gets messy. I love to be by a campfire, especially one I've made myself and with care to keep it from becoming a wildfire or some such disaster. I love to fish some days, I love to kayak and go as far out as I can, and I love waking early for the dawn and even seeing some deer or a bear in the mountains.
I love swimming in the lakes and walking on the ocean beaches, I love dancing in the wind and acting just as I feel, go anywhere, do anything. I love writing...and I love singing, I love music with such a never-ending passion and there is a fire in my heart that will never go out, a burst of energy in me that reaches out for the risky but worth it things, the fire in me that keeps me alive and courageous in all that I dare.
I feel. Feeling pain, joy, excitement, feeling worry, feeling cold or sleepy, sweaty or thirsty or angry, hungry, these things make me feel alive, make me remember that I'm alive, that I breathe air, that I need food, water, warmth, that I can also provide for myself and my health, my safety. I am reminded that I live and I feel and I feel connected with myself and all the world at once. I can feel so grounded and feel a sense of belonging,
4 months ago
I present


Charlie boy, Purple kitty, Kit(Fat)cat, Jax(Jack Jack), Purple again, D-Bo outside cat,
4 months ago
Vaccines literally present you as a carrier for the selected virus and because vaccines shed, so spreads the virus so of course it won't just be eradicated and not by any means since the vaccine cycle really just continues as that. Injection, shedding, wears off =pretty useless. Also, no immunity acquired. Know why? Because you didnt naturally contract the disease for your body to strenghten itself (which it most certainly can do)and its immunity by fighting the pathogen naturally and with the help of you keeping your system healthy. Real immunity is key. Who ever thought of inducing artificial immunity,,are you kidding me? Now we get all these side effects and adverse reactions that could be avoided had we just done the normal thing and heal on our own because ya know, we are capable of doing that and have been for ages.

Even on vaccine inserts the writing states all the testing that hasn't been done, the potentially toxic ingredients in the vaccines, pharmacology, that it hasn't been tested for carcinogenic, neurotoxic, or mutagenic properties, also hasn't been tested on pregnant women which is a given, though uneducated doctors just spout out what they were told rather than research themselves what it is exactly that they do in their line of work. Do people not expect us to ask for the inserts or pick them up and read them?

Because that's what they are there for and although the CDC says vaccines are "unavoidably unsafe" I'd say just the risk at all is enough to keep me away. Vaccines were never even meant to be a "one size fits all" kind of thing anyway. It's unfounded, completely misunderstood and everybody and their dog fails to research or ask questions, nah, they'd rather their little vulnerable baby be injected with synthetic metals, aluminum, gmos, and formaldehyde because they were forced or scared into doing it and not knowing any better, of course went with the PROGRAM.
Vaccine inserts say it all, learn to read if you want to get anywhere in this
4 months ago
Glyphosate in Monsanto's Roundup
Pesticides, herbicides, the poisons don't belong with agriculture or anywhere near our diets.
Plus gmo foods and artificial flavors, sugars,excessive consumption of red meat, preservatives, 30-nations-banned toxic artificial colors like red40, yellows 5 and 6, blue lake etc..

Oi why do you think near everybody has some kind of health issue? Allergies are common and almost inevitable now, so many people "need" to take some kind of prescription drug and are on antibiotics and get sick so often, have autoimmune disorders, skin disorders...are we really supposed to believe that this sort of thing "just happens" or is normal?

In a list of 100 countries ranked according to life expectancy, health risks, etc, America is ranked an unfortunate 34 mostly due to levels of obesity. America is ranked 142/232 countries in population growth rates, 150/223 countries in birth rates, pretty low fertility rates (124/223 countries )as well and a lot of that is attributed to our bad habits and consumption of junky not-food and not-beneficial-to-us-at-all gmo " Franken foods" as I call them.

*168/222 U.S. ranked infant (under one year)mortality rate
*19/190 U.S. ranked adult obesity rates
Country rankings data from IndexMundi

Although, you do have to wonder about the effects of such excessive propaganda and cheap advertisement use that food companies continue to put out for us to buy into all of that business (but just for the profit of course) plus, it's what is darn well available to us and "easy." McDonald's greasy fat foods and fast food chains around every corner.
4 months ago
I have a love/hate relationship with waking early and mostly it's because the day just seems to last forever but sometimes that's no bad thing❤
4 months ago