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Mangoes, Coconut, Rice, Tea, Balela, Laap, and Bitter Berries

So I seem a little strange,
Always going to and fro,
And I can't stand to just stay here.
I'm always on the go.

I don't stick to schedule or routine,
It seems like such a dull life.
I'm a bit full of surprises and different things,
So maybe you'll have to live with just strange me.

There's so much to see and do.
They say there's so little time,
So I guess I rush on and walk away
Just because I can't seem to mind-
That I'll go until I can be stopped,
And maybe then I'll end this lame rhyme.
3 weeks ago
Wherever I may roam~
I'll just go.
Walking, running, hiking, exploring, venturing off...I can't be tied down
no wonder people don't stick with me🤔
3 weeks ago
3 weeks ago
I need to write more
3 weeks ago
3 weeks ago
Things always seem to turn out okay after all💜
3 weeks ago


Babe is back!
3 weeks ago
3 weeks ago
Bob Marley--Everything's gonna be alright 💙
3 weeks ago
Silver lake camp and resort , up in the mountains in California
3 weeks ago
George Carlin - We Like War [PL]
4 weeks ago
"Media tells you who to love ,who to hate , who to be afraid of , who to trust , what to think , and what not to think , Do the research . Inform yourself .Free your mind from mental slavery" and it's true. It is like mental slavery, we let others think for us as we browse Facebook,twitter,social media too, all really with the similar mindset of "life is hard, it sucks, I'm bored, I'm depressed, maybe dying" but that's Also a meme too.

Why do we like this stuff? Why do we stay the way we are when really we are so much more capable than we think or are led to believe? We don't do stuff anymore. Our country bombs half the world and we're in trillion dollar debt that had no real money-backing anyhow!
We just live the good ol life don't we? I can't stand the way things are. It's so unbelievably wrong on so many levels.

And you know, it's almost like we're not supposed to want to escape. Everything at our fingertips, every material desire, every possible convenience

And we party anyway and try to just live through it without a second thought.
4 weeks ago
4 weeks ago
4 weeks ago
4 weeks ago
The Vitals--Kahaluu's Crying
4 weeks ago
Hannity: The Russian Collusion Narrative is Crumbling

Let the conspiracy die already yeah?
Obama, Clinton actually collude with Russia though and nobody bats an eye
what the hell is that?

#KillTheRussianConspiracy #Trump
4 weeks ago
Toxins on Airplanes~

I'm actually surprised cnn covered this (2009)

The first known written report about exposure to toxins on airplanes -- entitled "Human Intoxication Following Inhalation Exposure to Synthetic Jet Lubricating Oil" -- was submitted in 1977 by a team of doctors, including those affiliated with a pulmonary-toxicology lab at a VA Hospital in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Their investigation focused on a case of a "previously healthy" 34-year-old military pilot who became "acutely incapacitated" while flying after being exposed to "aerosolized or vaporized synthetic lubricating oil," the doctors wrote in the report. They said further investigation was "definitely warranted."

In 1986, the National Research Council, an operating arm of the National Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Engineering, conducted -- at the request of Congress -- an independent study and produced a report entitled "The Airliner Cabin Environment: Air Quality and Safety." In this, the council raised myriad concerns about air quality in cabins, including exposure to contaminants.

The research council was enlisted again by Congress about 15 years later. The result was the 2002 report "The Airliner Cabin Environment and the Health of Passengers and Crews." In its own language responding to the NRC's recommendation regarding air quality and ventilation, the FAA said it "has not kept pace with public expectation and concern about air quality" and cannot guarantee protection from contamination "because no airplane design incorporates an air contaminant monitoring system. "
4 weeks ago