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"The principle contributor to loneliness in this country is television. What happens is that the family 'gets together' alone."
-Anthropologist Ashley Montagu

"He had wanted so hard to Escape, to find the stars. And all he had found was a new prison"

"The way things look and the way things are...are very different."
-The Giver

"...And he opened the door that none of them had seen until now."
Lionel and Paul Joseph Watson- The Reality of Things
3 weeks ago
Geoengineeringwatch's Dane Wigington and his weekly approach to the anthropogenic interferences and domination of climate and weather manipulation/modification.
1 month ago
Hey peoples, chance I might be gone for some time
Other things to do and pal is taking up space on my phone
I'll be back eventually, but please don't add me to groups as I won't even be here to acknowledge my annoyance
ciao for now!
2 months ago
Dr. Russell Blaylock on Vaccines and Child Brain Development
2 months ago
Doctors Debate: Vaccinations (2008)

•Issues regarding the "informed consent" ethic and the mandate to vaccinate
•Issues regarding autism connection and other adverse reactions
•Issues regarding logical fallacies with the assumptions to particular "outbreaks"
•Issues regarding the "one size fits all" with vaccines (and this doesn't even apply to medicine in general so...why vaccines?)
•Issues regarding vaccine ingredients and heavy metals, i.e. thimerosal, mercury, aluminum etc.

Look, the concept behind vaccinations seems like a good one. It aims to be helpful, it aims to aid and prevent disease. The theory I should say. And yet still, vaccinating is completely unfounded, completely experimental in any case, and it's illogical to try and prove vaccines are safe as nobody has been able to actually do so. It's a risk, albeit a mandated and unnecessary one.
2 months ago
I had a conversation with my friend and she's a good friend but we have our differences, particularly about this matrix in which reality is governed.

So, She thinks I'm just a conspiracy theorist with no basis or argument, or one that is not biased or logical,. yet she herself cannot present a logical argument and while it is sort of unbiased, she really sincerely believes that the government wouldn't do bad things or go against the people for their own profit and power and that corporations and big organizations wouldn't do anything to harm us be it for profit or whatever the agenda.

Immediately off the bat she thinks anything I have to say is biased and that I wouldn't be able to present a valid argument. She doesn't listen to reason when it comes to this stuff and she's so limited in mind even though she is so open in other aspects, particularly philosophy, abstract, or general thinking and analysis of the mind.

She's so frustrating it's ridiculous
2 months ago
I wish I could just finally leave this place.
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this is why we can't have nice things
3 months ago
mofo nearly blew up the damn microwave
3 months ago
Regarding Weather Modification:

U.S. patent #4,686,605 “Method and Apparatus for Altering a Region in the Earth’s Atmosphere, Ionosphere and/or Magnetosphere” [2] shows how stratospheric and tropospheric aerosols can be manipulated using electromagnetic energy in order to modify the weather. The ground-based antennas (known as ionospheric heaters) needed to produce the appropriate electromagnetic energy exist.

The 1996 U.S. military document “Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025”[3] outlines a program using aerosols sprayed from airplanes which are then manipulated with electromagnetic energy in order to modify the weather.

Controlling Earth’s weather would necessarily require a gigantic scientific effort. Oddly enough, when one looks for a National effort in weather modification, one finds a lot. Specifically, if one looks, one can find a history of weather control programs involving electromagnetic energy and atmospheric particles; all in a coherent chronological order.



4 months ago
Ben Shapiro on Abortion--
4 months ago
Historic...and rather Dramatic times are upon us and have been in our recent history...

1.) An apparent... "resistance" has formed against Trump-Pence and is being funded immensely.
This brings much concern especially to the Resistance of the actual INFORMED PEOPLE worldwide against the New World Order and its globalist agendas.

2.) Masses upon masses have been awakened just last year and into this year. We have more investigative journalists fighting for the cause and wasting no time to get the information and exposure out there for us to delve into and spread to friends, family, neighbors, the public. WikiLeaks has provided us the exposure into the Clinton all-time scandals and ...other controversial illuminati satanist whoknowswhat that really everyone is aware of but doesn't care to much about or is just plain frightened of even the topic (and moving on..)

3.) Ah yes, the attack on the press and freedom of speech as we know it. The persecution of Journalists and independent thinkers as we know it.
Obama has really been key in pushing his shitty lying narratives and propaganda, simultaneously attacking every truth and sugarcoating every "half-truth" effectively keeping much of the brainwashed populace in an illusioned false sense of security. The 8 Year Reign of Obama, however, is just over now and we obviously are in times of trying... Times of fighting, of resistance and on both sides, and mass disinformation. We continuously divide and divide and divide. We label and stereotype, continue to race-bait and hate and classify. We disagree but not in an adult mannerly fashion, not with debate, just shouting mere insults and attacking all with ad hominem. It's effectively ineffective but it seems to be all anyone knows because all anyone does anyways is rant and scream and cry and I would like to point out that we CAN do so much better and rise so much higher from the staggeringly depressed levels we've been at.
4 months ago
On January 20th Inauguration Day:
Activists Are Hoping To Turn Donald Trump’s Inauguration Into One Of The Biggest Riots In U.S. History

Radical leftists are planning to make January 20th the most chaotic Inauguration Day in American history. Their stated goal is to “disrupt” the Inauguration festivities as much as possible, and they are planning a wide range of “actions” to achieve that stated goal.
Some of the more moderate groups are using terms such as “civil resistance” and “civil disobedience”, but others are openly talking about “blockades”, jumping barricades, throwing projectiles and “citywide paralysis”.
Thousands of activists, journalists, scientists, entertainers, and other prominent voices took out a full-page call to action in the New York Times on Wednesday making clear their rejection of President-elect Donald Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence with the simple message: "No!"

"Stop the Trump/Pence regime before it starts! In the name of humanity we refuse to accept a fascist America!" the ad states, followed by a list of signatories that includes scholar Cornel West; author Alice Walker; Chase Iron Eyes of the Standing Rock Sioux; educator Bill Ayers; poet Saul Williams; CNN's Marc Lamont Hill; Carl Dix of the Communist Party USA; and numerous others.

Trump is "assembling a regime of grave danger" that is an "immoral peril to the future of humanity and the earth itself," the call to action continues. "Millions must rise up in a resistance with a deep determination such that we create a political crisis that prevents the Trump/Pence fascist regime from consolidating its hold on the governance of society."

Such movements are taking shape elsewhere, as the Women's March on Washington is now poised to be the biggest inauguration demonstration despite a shaky start and bureaucratic roadblocks.
4 months ago
Rothschild Master Plan-- Once you understand this? It's easy to piece the major "conspiracy" together.

As every journalist knows, Trace the Money. Go back, way back, figure out the funding process, who's involved, who hired who

Follow the money. It's always been about the power and though material, money gives the power in this world a sense where the populace is at least made to believe that.
4 months ago
" he saw the familiar wide river beside the path differently. He saw all of the light and color and history it contained and carried in its slow - moving water; and he knew that there was an Elsewhere from which it came, and an Elsewhere to which it was going."
-The Giver
5 months ago
5 months ago