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Well..I don't really know. I guess you could say I'm your average 16 year old.
Zelda fanatic
I looooove my PlayStation with a passion
I grew up with World of Warcraft... so mmmmmmmm
Long boarding is what I do
Music...I play the cello so I mean yeaaaah
Not to mention my huge obsession with Naruto
^^^And Anime but hey whatever floats your boat^^^
OMFG (crylaugh)(crylaugh)(nowords)(huh)
6 days ago
Funny enough...this is actually an Anti-Suicide song. (crylaugh)(huh)(huh)
still amazing though.
1 month ago
2 months ago
I'm fucking dead xD (crylaugh)(crylaugh)(crylaugh)
2 months ago
CHEESECAKE FACTORY BIRTHDAY. (huh)(huh) its so amazing.
2 months ago
I literally can't stop laughing...but like I'm sad because Glenn's my favorite character.(sweat)(crylaugh)(huh)
3 months ago
well fuck. (nowords)(sweat)(wicked)
3 months ago
So..I just dumped 91$ into Final Fantasy XV.(sweat)
4 months ago
I kinda love them..(huh)
5 months ago
All this gorilla glue and Harambe STILL couldn't stick around.(cry)
5 months ago
Sometimes you gotta love the internet. (crylaugh)
5 months ago
OMG (crylaugh)(huh)
5 months ago
badum tsssssss (flaunt)
5 months ago
*warm regards*
Don't you just love it when you get forced into something....and they tell you to shove it when you want to change??(silent)(knife2)
5 months ago
Crowley Eusford oh my lord (huh)
it was my first full out shade in multiple shades...either way ..there the outline...shitty shade..and final...sorry if its blurry (sweat)
5 months ago
the picture keeps coming out blurry.. ugh pal why do you hate meeeeee?(sweat)(tears)(tears)(cry)
5 months ago
My Rouge on Neverwinter is fire. mhm(flaunt)(fawn) (amen)(huh)
6 months ago
sometimes I swear this song is underappreciated.(amen)(huh)(fawn)
6 months ago