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Whatever makes you feel good
Love u messi
It's about time you start posting about sports
@I Love Booty(walle) lol
Alot of people giving him shit about it
That's because the thunder wasn't a bad team, they always put what they could around him. But can't fault him for wanting a ring
@Vegeta dick in mouth on profile pics. Stfu
@Mσʝσ tell em
@|R★E|SephirothDo you know mean of "troi oi"?
I should since I speak Viet lol
That went well... Good job Per
So beautiful o.o
@😀A̶и∂яés😈尺øв😬 oh wait. This vid aint long enough to show the other bird lol.
Lol, I knew a bird was missing (crylaugh) you see a small white fragment during and after the hit, but it's not visible enough to see what it was.
Don't worry about what I play with in my hand lmao
O.o lol @Cousin Reggie