Pet Lovers Board list
i dont get it
I don't give two bluntz
OMG so cute
Im sorry for your lose (afraid)(afraid)(tears)(tears)(cry)(cry)(heartbroke2)
@•Kristen• wth lmao
Looks lyk mine
Je ne suis R et faire pour le moment R if possible i tu(happy)(happy)(happy)
Hello am welsh Scott and I live in London. I have a mutual benefit transaction of $4 Million. Reply for more details
That's nasty
It is a scene from a Scary movie.... when u get to the bottom i fuck your face
So cute (heartbeat2)
It was not a slap on his finical status, it was a joke about the little critters living arrangements. You sir are the one who started this bull shit.. shall we continue?
@Bam it's ok I got the joke ❤️
I found this on the enternet! But it is realy cool!
That dog is beautiful
JW je ne peux plus que je y a des futur u i love Bowie ti de ce et F 😋😎 kg un r de mon iPhoyyuhocthhhraetofne de
Thats what i will say and end up not doing it!!😇
Trop chou(fawn)(fawn)(fawn)
Beautiful (heartbeat2)
Happy Birthday 🎂
So cute (funlaugh)
But i still prefer corgi they are the cutest hahaha
Hehe smile pupper