Pet Lovers Board list
I just watched this 30 times for some reason it's a trance!!!
@Vegetayhea (crylaugh) i love how is weird the way how he moove the head , its very funny(crylaugh)(crylaugh)
(fawn)Cute dogs
@klili thank you
@Des (laugh)(laugh)(laugh)(fawn)(fawn)
OMG 😂😂😂
So cute my dogs had to go to the shelter because we were moving. Dogs are cute.
@Dora LealDid your dogs come back home?Would you take pictures of your dogs and show them to me?^^
*Bites Kittens ear accidentally* "om non opps" (shock)
@[]Kronno[]Yep... Expect Oogie Boogie in ur closet or under ur bed..
@Sucky Pasta that doesn't help :c
She's a hellion most of the time lol
@karma hi check out these new womens clothes at a discounted price
@ғullвuѕte[я] ded xD
Looks like a little Joe Dirt with the mullet. (fool)
nooooo, poor baby!!
I'm so sorry :(