Pet Lovers Board list
Its so cuteee
I see 7 cats, hm do you see?
So cute i love cats!
@Edventur springtime is kitten season... it makes sense. #adoptdontbuy
Yeah I am a adopt guy myself
@7:27.. meh good call
Hmu when you get on!
cute!!! how old it is?
Dont do it (shock) ill buy u better food im sorry!! (cry)
@Des (laugh)(laugh)(laugh)(laugh)
My dog likes the mailman 😂
@nope of nopington his crush is the mailman~
@LadyDNA whatever man I love cats :)
<3 kitties
(fawn)Cute dogs
@klili thank you
@Des (laugh)(laugh)(laugh)(fawn)(fawn)
OMG 😂😂😂
So cute my dogs had to go to the shelter because we were moving. Dogs are cute.
@Dora LealDid your dogs come back home?Would you take pictures of your dogs and show them to me?^^
*Bites Kittens ear accidentally* "om non opps" (shock)