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@Dredj good to know I wasn't the only.
@DemonPig negative
This is great game. I found out the people who hate this actually suck at it. Always looking for people to play/group up on the ps4. Add me . PsychoBZRK
@Alex Archer I'm myguy101
哟 哟 哟
Ben try : "Touhou Puppet Dance Performance". I finished it and i can say it's pretty difficult, I know the characters aren't pokemon but gameplay is the same. (with some alterations of course).
PC or PS4?
Pc :3
@karma sloooooooooooooooot
@ҎЯΣÐΛŦӨЯ 凸( ๏ิ₃๏ิ)凸 I am ur sluuut
@just ciphy enjoy that passive. Can't wait till we get em
@Prophet the mods for pets got a few buffs as well so it will be a good combo.
@Kami damn I need to get to that level of existence too (sosad)
@ҎЯΣÐΛŦӨЯ 凸(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)凸 one day, one day :)
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I play as smoke1 had to start over lost old account its good:-)
Is it still active ? If so, I'd like to join !
@Moustiplouf Mi alrighty I'll add ya
The afterman.
Good Apollo, Im burning star IV: From fear through the eyes of madness. <3
@Satoru Hitome that's awesome I've been playing on it and I love it
@Shanks™ / RedRose and thnx I'll let u know