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First melee+revive champion(glasses)
@NIK I like it
@Soulroxas36 and i spent those on Ash's skin(wicked)
@Soulroxas36 poop
Differnt loqic
You have to love them the way they are, not the way you want them to be. If only so many couples could understand this sooner than later. ☹
@VampireAsura usually i just turn off the internet connection and then turn it back on
@NIK@Kinky Koala@Drakoman@Soulroxas36@DemonPig is there a way to reset TAP warlord?
@Soulroxas36 I will not die
Love itu anime..
Who am i kidding? Could never abondon ruckus and nando(refuse)
@Soulroxas36 sounds like a dream
@DemonPig seris' new skin is beter(flaunt)
@NIKlol true sexy artires do sell (bigsmile)
Oh. I feel stupid.
I. Love it
what kind of mercy is that?
To prevent being accused of copying other games.
Yes I understand what you mean ! I hope they'll add more details or anything except what they are doing with those phone games :/ But the game was good, enough to be appreciated ^.^
@Kinky KoalaBut nah bruh I feel yah. I find it's best to play torvald best tank
@fridge I agree especially with maps you can fall off of
@Dredj good to know I wasn't the only.