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@Echo@Kinky Koala@iKakashi
@shaikha_awad more than one echo?
@Drakoman k 🤔
I want to be Zhin (who the f is that)
Mine was I love kissing lex... I'm going with alex
@Aegon Targaryen but
My love
Well glad i cant play paladins atm
@〆口ժҽղ〆/Austin lol
@[ΛΞ] ichijo-kun
oh it’s fixed
Naaah wasted almost any hour lolz
https://youtu.be/4uTjlFGuRkY 7 fact about paladin
@⚠ คŋ∂яєร🚀尺σввø 🔞bad
First melee+revive champion(glasses)
@NIK I like it
@Soulroxas36 and i spent those on Ash's skin(wicked)
@Soulroxas36 poop
You have to love them the way they are, not the way you want them to be. If only so many couples could understand this sooner than later. ☹
@VampireAsura usually i just turn off the internet connection and then turn it back on
@NIK@Kinky Koala@Drakoman@Soulroxas36@DemonPig is there a way to reset TAP warlord?
@Soulroxas36 I will not die
Love itu anime..