Just for Laughs Board list
When you walk into your mother's room because it smells like tuna casserole and you wonder why she isn't in the kitchen
I can think of a few people who'd really make me smile, then lol
Exactly correct
Hi eve body
Hulk would be my choice but if they all don't die at least once I will be salty
@420Gramps LOL....Black Widow will be my choice who is sooooo useless.
Bill nye the science guy bill bill bill bill bill nye thw science guy
*screenshots* its for science purposes...
What's funy
@Sebria Faust really
Man that was messed up!
Bruh (crylaugh)
feel this
Bruh he said she couldnt do it but look at him (crylaugh)(cold)
That bottle of Pepsi is bottom heavy for sure!(wicked)
That was cute lol
so cute haha me: never been asked for a date
Hmmm... Obviously to take over the justice league...