Just for Laughs Board list
Yeah here to change those empty pockets
Sounds about right 😂
I like that responds
Hello pal
Absolutely true
@[change me] ? What du yu mean in englisch or russian?
Kobe high
Snoop over there pimping
I don't think so(ignore)
I don't think so!!😡😡
Man, I wish someone thought I was stupid and would do that to me, I'm poor and I need some money
Mannnn, this bios a savage. 😬
Marias has lost all of her man friends due to them not being able to take her "constructive criticism" and "makeup parties"
😂😂😂😂 I'm done
Me too finally
Crafty butcher!!! Likes her meat delivered in the back door!
Hahaha.... Parking the rear.
Wow hold it what(arm)(arm)
I love dogs 😘😮
WOW (happy)(happy)(happy)(happy)(happy)
My bestie deserves this😂😂😂😂
ahhahhaha,anyway u cute though
Lol but if its is too deep it could kill you