Just for Laughs Board list
Anime girl.and teach her to cook..who can stand curly fries everyday...take a month before a clogged artery lol
Hmm obesity or a hot chick. I think you know what I want 😛🍑
Nobody wants to be like me XD
@🐵 youre meant as my comedic relief
@[deviltachi] Yeah, bring flowers.
You guys are hilarious
@♠RavenLore @ӄïtë૨ï🐾ӄïtઽϋήë @MS👄Bl0wMeBtch👄FC u ladies speaking my language. I like that in a woman
I smoke candles and eat rocks, cut my hair with lollipops, do crack with raindrops, I sell meth made out of Deer drops
Eat your dinner and chillax
Tomahawks...patriots...doubt the guys scrambling to get out of the way really cared...js
@Calloway Flooring true!!!!(crylaugh)(crylaugh)
is that a r700?
@zMaDMaXz good question (flaunt)
@σвℓινισи aye I got memes and cats 😎
Lol xD
@웃 QueeŋCaroℓ perhaps but according to you, thanks to people like me, you have guidelines to live by such as these quotes.
@7:27.. meh I was gonna say; at least it gives your life purpose. ;P
You would sound like a rapey member of the royal family if you sent the second :/
Anyone send me there number
you sure it's not pee instead of cum lol
I didn't have wings sadly ): I wouldn't take it off neither 😂😂😂 @Carlos E
He was the best Grass that ever lived Lol(crylaugh)
To put up a pic would require i cared what others think..i dont..second ...who are u again?
Hell yeah(crylaugh)
Its ed...no point in explaining
@VegetaJesus, you're still alive and still insulting people. Do you still troll Monster Warlord like an insecure 12-year old?