Just for Laughs Board list
Mia Khalifa, best duets singer (cool)
Idk who that is
I laughed way too hard at this (crylaugh)(crylaugh)(crylaugh)(crylaugh)
check his hidden chest youll find skooma there
Moon Suger Smuggler
@Des lol 😂
God dam abridged
lol good ol ygotas
I saw that sign lolol
@ßI§HØP/D€£I (crylaugh)(crylaugh)
She is tryin to cashew inside, how bow dat?
@Ariel Easterling from where are you dear
Its an adorable demon!! Look at those eyes. Run!! (scream)(scream)
In doubt, grab her by the pussy
Jajaja. Yes
Shhh I'm testing if my weewee would fit through here
@The Heartless Pariah (titter)(cake)(beer2)(banana)
Gurl sameee
@Ariel Easterling (happy)(like)(huh)
@ғullвuѕte[я] soz my bad
Hello new
@Ariel Easterling@Kairi I'm just a koala
@Ariel Easterling@Kinky Koala lol :*
That last one(crylaugh)
@ExistentialistFoxy @mur...DMC ty I did get better from the flu, then hurt my arm so (sad)(sosad)(heartbroke2) still can't do much but thank you for the well wishes (happy)(like)(sleepy)
I kinda wanted a girl who would be kind enough to listen so I can repay her by taking care of her and listening to her as well
I would but I don't even have the chat anymore. I deleted and reinstalled pal like 3 times after that
@New Year's Doge