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@AdryanBoss how about I just add you as a pal
Hahaha 😂
օʍʄɢ (crylaugh)(crylaugh)
Great job on the consistency bro
@βaβyBøw Thank you (glasses)
@Blank Come to g1 and steal the show now
Maybe..;)@Sean aka Godfather
@Yuki Chan Yes ;) all monsters on main
Nice I still got a lot jijiji
Oh, nice. I killed a raid boss solo.... but it was weak as fuck. It was a 5.5k CP quilava hahaha
So gay
Super Gay
@420Gramps Android.
@Pablo The Sloth accept my pal request bud
yeees me too, really disappointed because I thought it was a Charmander (nowords)
I caught 2. 1 of them was a sentrit and when i caught it it said "oh?" And it turned into a ditto hahaha
@ScubaSteve.. negative hype? 😂😂 iv always been lovely
Wow... so glad I quit this bs... @♠RavenLore
Still for sale?
I pay 500
@ Joe B sold bro, look last one
@Middleman💪Seller🙀 I'm looking for a really good account. I have no budget.
@DustynHe went to his concession and unloaded his first account, and he did not pay those miserable $ 100, in my eyes the Americans fell in the eyes!
@DustynNow he stole from me, but his life will return his debts, I hope his relatives will die!
@phillip like koala said level up as fast as possible to increase your squad capacity and as hard as it may be save jewels waiting for a resumon event can be very beneficial
No offence but he is shit.... So bad compared to the current meta but a great unit for you. Save gems and try for a regil/shion next resummon gate bud
@Hero (shock)
What's this unit's name?