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@Phallic Mutation oh, im not worried about the imping and stuff, I'll always have enough.
Goodluck. @ғullвuѕte[я]
@[DxD] Akeno Blake, you shouldn't be talking lolol
How much
Nice... and show me your team lol
That's one dramatic name for a tier
@Krompir trying to figure out how much they go for these days, know its nowhere near as much as it use to be but curious
@DɾɛɑʍɛR yep true
Okay Omni ... not 8
I guess game haven't changed that much last time I played I had full 120
@Reptar ik
Hi bro the acc was sell, if is not sell ad me
@axel already add u
Do u still have
Nvm lol
@소라(Vlad)Prepare step by step bro, without double gold summon boss event, surely we have to use many jewels, summoning a set daily for early preparation before massive summon
@🎼🎸PASCAL🎮🎧 Yup, but the thing what killed me was the special monster summons. The greed to take immortal with you is great
Well done next step 10t
Congratz man
Gratz bruh (funlaugh)
@🔥 Nampozorus 🔥  you just a croissant (wicked)
@King Geedorah Oh its fine too Dr.Lobster (laugh)
All dph is good dph.
@WhiteRose some people are dicks
Congratulations rekt.. You owe me 1 SB (amen)
It is awakened@G乂DFΔTHΣR
Badass bro! Well done on the victory! (hmm)
@ßI§HØP я lol (flaunt)(tongue)
YouTube guy!
Ace and now with EB buff (hmm)
Only added alil but nice
@ƠMƓ its GwenCongreatz 😃👍👍👍👍👍