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@Valentine thx appreciate it. You also have a nice one
@Valentine thanks, wish you a great day as well
@Brianna FOX hell no it probably has teeth
@ҎЯΣÐΛŦӨЯ 凸(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)凸 (wicked)(wicked)
Love me some titties!! Hell yes!!! I thank baby jesus for such huge knockers!!
Kik me at naughtyboy01430 r msg me at pal we will trade
@🔱Xanxus🔱 soccer spirits
Ty man (happy)
@Carlos E kupo
Hmm man i must have been spelling it wrong the whole time like the extra P though idk why
Sora has a female gaurdian (maybe mother, maybe not) in the first game. Thats all we get
Its crap!!
@ℂℯlτч yes you do child
Damn what a twist
Nice work.
@Luther poff YouTube milkogaming and Ushi gaming
Lo vendi ancora oppure no ?
Totally true
How are you level 420 but you get supreme from the egg ;O
@工尺口匚-乙 sure its a top acc man , if you are under the top 200 you can already call yourself a top player. What does top player mean for you ? xD
and which server i want to play
@FALCON No best depends what u like. Est-7
Gotta Catch'em all (huh)
Lol Yas
@Shanks™ Its quite fun
@RogueDreams It is good :)
I wanna join..
Couldn't have done it without my help though
Lol of course thanks for the help hahahaha xD
Not bad
I got bored with the game already beat all content and somewhat far with summoner
@teyleongi hope you die of cancer(happy)
Pm how much?
You trade for account clash of clan?
@alex0204 no