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Send me private price please :)
@Yann Dhersin I send you a request
Cool. すごい!
すごい ( sugoi) cool
@André awesome bro...she kinda reminds me of Rosario to Vampire(giggle)
Kings Raid@Itachi | Psy
@Иick 乂 Ѡilde thx
Had 2 games that took up 2gb...i used to have about 7 my phone memory is messed up...
I likes it(titter)
What game is this please? :) It looks super cute xxxx
@Shannonkings raid
Lol, i got her with 5* tix like 1 week after seeing Nick use her in a raid. Had to have her.
@Wa¥lander (Major) indeed bro...i realised pretty late how good show is as a tank for mag team. As of now, relationship at 700/1200...makes it look like ages to get there
Luna is good enuf alr get another m amper
Message me
@Sting Add me
What’s the asking price?
Interested... How much pm me
Guess the acc wasnt good enough :-(
@cory brady this acc
But it's raw, I want rare account. Can u cook it first?
the debt of this thing is pure evil.
@Blaze Blitz lol
its psy's gangnam style
@420Gramps what do you to spoof?
@Sal+ my GPS location lol
Random comment, how do you download images?
Bit it wont let me do gyms or catch pikemon or spin pokestops. @420Gramps
@Rebeen you need to go into the play store and get the NewGPS Joystick