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@ScubaSteve.. negative hype? 😂😂 iv always been lovely
Wow... so glad I quit this bs... @♠RavenLore
@ElBarto accept my Pal request and message me private
@ElBarto is the account still on sale?
Pm me
@<> pm me
Hey I'm interested in buying it
@Johnny this acc
@DustynHe went to his concession and unloaded his first account, and he did not pay those miserable $ 100, in my eyes the Americans fell in the eyes!
@DustynNow he stole from me, but his life will return his debts, I hope his relatives will die!
Dang let the graphic fully load before you blow your load (wicked)
@Hero (shock)
How much mw?
I'll buy the certatus pm me
Me too
I play in korea
All ooparts
Lucky boi
Legendary get opened
@Vany dora too? Erm... Cora, you know...
I don't play this game
@Brianna FOX get a real job ya thot
Kik me at naughtyboy01430 r msg me at pal we will trade
Needs to get u an mask in rt pace
@🔱Xanxus🔱 soccer spirits
Ty man (happy)
@Carlos E kupo
Hmm man i must have been spelling it wrong the whole time like the extra P though idk why
Sora has a female gaurdian (maybe mother, maybe not) in the first game. Thats all we get
Its crap!!