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@Geralt of Rivia Facebook. My friends circle is awesomely diverse. xD
Oh ffs
Ah that song takes me back
Not another Pirates of the Caribean!? The newest one hasn't been out yet (sweat)
@Intrshadow ur very sweet
@Benioioioioi Blow x intr confirmed just like Ben x Sacred (heart2)(heart2)
Omg 😂😂😂
so he kissed his own son......... wow.
I love Sinatra sooo much:)
@Dani me too great singer😍
@Aurochs I missed you ;-:
i like this~♡♡♡♡♡
Meow meow!!!
So cute ! ><☆
@🍃 Cette Fleur 🍃 me too I love the original one ,although the cover too is not so bad:)) .you are welcome,I'm glad you enjoyed:)
@ExistentialistFoxy Agreed 💙💙💙💙💙💙 :')
@Serenity Willis@🍃 Cette Fleur 🍃 three 😎
@Satoru 😎😎😎
@Edventu Yesss, I just posted it 👄 ! Srsly 💙 they are masterminds 😣.
I could barely recognize Amy with that wig on lol
That's some good as catnip Lol
When you need someone to hold the base of the ladder you on
@Apple vs Applestill better than most humans
@♬M๑ทкεγ♬ eh 50/50
@Apple vs Apple sextape
@André Your answer iz above ^-^
Gahhhh Yussss!