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@συмα[мσσи]ραиzєяℓιℓу i meant to tag @Aℓα∂eeη/Max ;-;
@[乂]Kяieg clappu
Cool I've never seen that game
@Missionhunter@Dungeons and Bobby its not a game, its the full opening of the one punch anime in 8 bit
Why does mostly everything posted here have to have a booty? Its a mantis for fucks sake.. Doesnt need a booty.
Sage & Kiimiko are saiko (heart2) :3
Oh my god Is So Cut
Oh yeah, forgot to say, it looks like she is holding a deformed Cactus (sweat)
Everyone's like why do you have the subtitles on? And im like...why don't you have the subtitles on? O.o
Lol xD
i watched (hmm)
Today a new episode comes on
@😜คŋ∂яєร😎尺øв😈anime sucked bad but the manga was badass (huh)
@King in the North manga is still badass! Did you read today's chapter? Mumen-Rider investigators! & Touka tackles Kaneki! I bet he will fail next week (crylaugh)
Correct (*-*)
😭😭😭😂😭 thats my babbbbby mini lucifer
@Adel Lucif3r(laugh)(laugh)(laugh) yes it is bwhahaha seriously i named him after tou
Looks like a bit of reference came from Godzilla 2000. The American one ofc.
Awesome drawing (happy)(happy)(happy)
@乂δεiiкØ thanks
@Zrul (spit)
@Kahoonie What
@Marshibaki_XD this is d longest comment convo i ever had lol XD
Maybe a 6 out of 10
Yeah i be like yeh she sexy, girl move your ass out way... crank the bike up an role out and pick up a sexy girl. Lmao