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Thanos wants to marry Death. Death wants to bang Deadpool. Best love story.
Badass pic
I love the bromance between him and Nova the​ original nova not the young one
@SacrameΠt™|[я]iCleoZ so far it is
@συмα[мσσи]ραиzєяℓιℓу ikr!!!!! Fuckin @[я]ev (silent)
Yes he would make such a good batman
And he's right. That pillow doesn't have a womb.
@συмα[мσσи]ραиzєяℓιℓу ohhhh
@MrxSpry absolutely right
@nΩвℓє / Alex Pretty sure this isn't your post, Number 1. Number two. I was just agreeing with you.
@Oooh...anything wrong?
3d girls>2d girls
This looks familiar... like I've seen it before...
Damn 😢
This was out for quite some time now. It is beautiful nonetheless
@[unbroken] I can be a rather difficult person to understand because of how I understand the common world. I maybe hiding feelings intentionally or i may not have any at all. Your pick (evil1)
@DemonReturns(ciphy) I pick neither
Hi girl
Hi girl
@[unbroken] (heart2)
@Dogesus fk of slut. You can have her @DemonReturns(ciphy). PS she sends nudes, I should know. If she doesn't send you any ill send them to you myself ;)
@[ ] its all about Nova Grapplers
@συмα[мσσи]ραиzєяℓιℓу ye boi
@Benioioioioi git rekt
I'll take some pictures later tonight but I have all my shinies back from Fire Red and Emerald until now