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@farooqAzam fag
@Nord pure love
Same tho I be startin conv with hey how u doin and they put hi 😑😑
For animation?
@Lιlιαnαcan you send app link
You. . . Want me to believe in you? Or lie to you? This is why guys think girls are confusing xD (Truth be told, we guys just over think the smallest details (grimace) cause it's fun)
#2 ιѕ α уєѕ fσя мє
Bruhhhh 😂😂😂😂
@Leonaleska Zoldiac
@David O'Neal which one?
C'est un d et de me F 😋 JF r HF o(happy)(happy)(happy)
@😜คŋ∂яєร😎尺øв😈 i have this feeling that they will do a short one too
Very cool
Hello my dear princess
@Kinky Koala nice(amen)
@🎴ガンマ (Inori)(hmm)
@Shanks™ (sad) idgaf hiw bout that
My mother when we annoy her to much...
J ai et je u i love h i have sent R pour r 😋😎 y I(seaotter1)(seaotter1)
Go for the splatoon idea. I think it would be great.
Only haters
Was gonna say the same (crylaugh) I guess haters aren't that "bad" here.
@ӄïtë૨ï🐾ӄïtઽϋήë :o every anime needs a good Christmas party hookup :o
mecha, emperor, genius
@karma yes i do
@乂δεiiкØ dats gud!
I'm really liking Sagrada Reset. Kei and Misora remind me of my first relationship
What nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo @NoFuX
Real and dragons shouldnt be in same sentence?....kinda funny considering u find reference to dragons in just about every culture in the world lol...for every myth...a ring of truth