Hehehehe! X'D
Is this off an anime and if so, which one?
The guy behind 😂😂😂 made me laugh
Dude. Stalker. He doesn't want your dick. Shoo. @Clypeus
@웃 וCɑяσℓ•× Guilty Crown :P
Hell ye lolis 😩
I personnaly have nothing against kurumi (sweat)
I'd kill them all too
kawaii 😍
Aww cute (fawn)
If only this was LootAnime xDd
@Emelia (fawn)
@Yukiyou're welcome(nitrous)(nitrous)
Heaven!? (shock)
Why did I remember the anime I wanted to watch after seeing that photo xD Outbreak Company~
Omfg the second one
@Omar Kill اريزا مو ازيرا
full metal alchemist brotherhood
OK thank you so much