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You have the picture feature near your chat box, you can choose a picture that's saved from your gallery.
@😜คŋ∂яєร😎尺øв😈 btw beast wars is still awesome to this day idc about graphics (crylaugh)
Who loves me
@toshi211 I do Tampa comic con, Megacon, supercon and metro every year
I really liked it
@Saya Potopanda🐼 it's awesome I don't blame you (cool)(funlaugh)
@ҎЯΣÐΛŦӨЯ ofc it is xD
@King in the North koalas papa^
@Ben lmao
Rob wasn't being a dick... the other two are. @Dj-In-Ya-Ass
Were you trying to make a post? Or are you sure about making this board?
It is a good story :) but um... First the basics: - your comic is a Japanese comic (manga). Which u read from right to left - This series "BLEACH" is complete. You can buy all volumes
- This series has it's own anime/cartoon. Also complete (except for the last volume)
I dropped death parade.
@Saya Potopanda🐼 Good xD he looks different in the comic but that's how he is gonna look once this gets animated 👌😀
@😜คŋ∂яєร😎尺øв😈 yay \(*~*)/