Maybe smoke crack?
Maybe is uncertainty, waiting is killing ^_^
Hope u come back soon but take as much time as u need I'll miss u
Gonna be lonely without you but I can understand what Youre dealing with. Good luck 😯
She's like thumbalina
That's a big cup cx
@ßI§HØP я well said.
@ßI§HØP я @MS👄Bl0wMeBtch👄FC (amen)(amen)(amen)(happy)
@👁️ I know, just said that in some moments I thought something will last much longer, or that some persons wont ever leave me,or that I will have time to change/do something.. And I didn't have it
@Dani oh yeah I understand that, same as happened to me so just live like it's the last time
And actually all of us made them,in some different way
Ehhh I'm a technical person and usually the word sinner is related to religion (specifically Christianity) My bads
@Madhatter likewise sweetheart (kiss)(heart2)
@Benioioioioi but yet here you are
@Apple and Omega o
Ha ha 😂
@Diabolik@Unknøwn(crylaugh)(crylaugh) You two are not the only one to thought it .
She did say poetry... Could be a metaphor
@Robert TY !
@MS👄Bl0wMeBtch👄FC pleasure 😁
Gtfo "lion" (crylaugh)
I always do the work of the wolf. Hunting, killing and leading.
I choose C. The riddle aside, if I had to pick any of these ladies, I would go for the daughter (hmm)(titter) (regardless of who terassa is)
@Black Box Twinners (huh)