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@🎴Gamma🍣 soul caliber was a fun game series
@Prophet.☇Instinct ☇yhea ,i was past a lot of time in past up on it(crylaugh)
@Tsuna ill warp all the plesioths into the world of mlp!
Just watch the invisible hip bash
I killed like 5 hr brachs before i realized i needed a brach pounder+ and that was g rank before
A desert and ocean map... We need this!
This is a fake example. Likes for this wont count
(crylaugh) so true
@DemonPig k. I need to farm armor spheres to upgrade armor defense anyways
K man ill send u a message when i find it
@Greg🍼(Gajeel/Absol) (crylaugh)(crylaugh)(crylaugh) great one
Drops this here and walks away