Final Fantasy series
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I want in
@Øđən (Austin) alrighty
@KingCactuar I didn't like 15 that much 😟 for something worth 10 years in waiting I expected way more.
The story line is super short and easy but there is so much to do and the combat I like the change from turn base
@Caius yeah
@Caius hey bud did you ever find the behemoth by hammerhead
i have sealed ps4 (huh)
Wanna know how much I spent on the special edition out of love? Let's just say... my love is a bit more (ok1)(tongue)
I used to!
Pfff I know I have it.... I don't think I touched it lol
@ɢ| Duηe it must've been torture to use him in the fight against Dyne then (wicked)
Yeah my first time playing I was stuck in that god forsaken desert forever, second time I made sure I was ready for it@Hal Jordan
I was thinking of posting the trailer too but I guess I don't need to now (fool) a shame we probably won't see his impossible victory sword twirl with his hand rotating 360°
@Hal Jordan Kitase and Nomura said that though the battle system appears to be full action it's actually more strategy, menu and ATB. Just an evolved version. SO BAWS! Can't wait for more characters.