Final Fantasy series
Sometimes... When I'm bored
Can't device unsupported
I play as smoke1 had to start over lost old account its good:-)
Is it still active ? If so, I'd like to join !
@Moustiplouf Mi alrighty I'll add ya
@KingCactuar I didn't like 15 that much 😟 for something worth 10 years in waiting I expected way more.
The story line is super short and easy but there is so much to do and the combat I like the change from turn base
@Caius yeah
@Caius hey bud did you ever find the behemoth by hammerhead
i have sealed ps4 (huh)
Wanna know how much I spent on the special edition out of love? Let's just say... my love is a bit more (ok1)(tongue)
I used to!
Pfff I know I have it.... I don't think I touched it lol
@ɢ| Duηe it must've been torture to use him in the fight against Dyne then (wicked)
Yeah my first time playing I was stuck in that god forsaken desert forever, second time I made sure I was ready for it@Hal Jordan