Gags & Memes
@Raúl Alonso eres tú jajaja
@Grayrainbow jajajajajaja sh
Hmm obesity or a hot chick. I think you know what I want 😛🍑
Oh yeah
Traps are today's equivalent of business in the front, party in the back 😋
He's the vampire dude in highschool dxd haha
Off by 1
I got 101 but born in 2001
So, how are you? Man I miss everyone
Hi Eagle, Jedi I miss everyone too
@[deviltachi] Yeah, bring flowers.
You guys are hilarious
@Venusdoge nah.... Boobs not big enough for my liking
I find it hilarious that you posted this in gags & memes (crylaugh)
@♠RavenLore @ӄïtë૨ï🐾ӄïtઽϋήë @MS👄Bl0wMeBtch👄FC u ladies speaking my language. I like that in a woman
I smoke candles and eat rocks, cut my hair with lollipops, do crack with raindrops, I sell meth made out of Deer drops
Eat your dinner and chillax
@Vany my eyebrows aren't fake.
@σвℓινισи aye I got memes and cats 😎