@Pan I'm 100% serious, you need professional therapy. You seem co-dependent and narcissistic.
@Bitterberry im ok. Dealing with a lot of stress but otherwise all is good
@Satoru you know you can pm me right? (awkward1)
I would but I don't even have the chat anymore. I deleted and reinstalled pal like 3 times after that
@New Year's Doge
@Otakun Dan the baka I dont know, man...I just open the browser in incognito mode for porn (crylaugh)(crylaugh)(crylaugh)
Pornhub on momas phone.. Thus incognito
Aren't the scientific peeps just looking for some recognition from us. A little bit of love? Probably
So true
My hands to my mother, so that she may be much more gentle and careful. My legs to my young sister who has a bit of an odd walk...
I would give my brain to the masses unfortunate enough to be educated so that they may get a chance at waking and escaping from the matrix.
@Edventu its very sad how true it is.
Yeah it is