Dragon Age Series
If you romance Solas, you can have the tattoo removed.
@😜คŋ∂яєร😎尺øв😈 you know if you download the blackemporium you can change your face whenever you want lol
Dorian and Josephine 😍 my babies
Iron bull and varric
My image Hawke sided with the Templars, my warrior inquisitor sided with the mages >_> I say let the hole in the sky decide their fate by the will that is known as Solas (tongue)
Mage Hawke*
You... where do you play dragon age? On what type of console? Cause you have to: 1# create Dragon Keep story at dragonkeep.com 2# Have a dragon age/dragon keep account linked to your console's ID
3# After linking, go to your dragon keep and upload it. 4# To use a predetermined story from Dragon keep, you need to start a new Game safe.
Not good
Dorian was my favorite without a doubt. Sassy fashionable gay mage with a perfect mustache
@Alice Kim if you don't romance both Iron Bull & Dorian, they get an epilogue insisting these two kept meeting from time to time near the borders of Tevinter xD
I absolutely love Cassandra <3 One of my favorite companions, and I adored her interactions with Varric and Cole
Hated her in DA2. She was mean to Varric (sad)