Introduce her to "zombieland" and have a discussion about that instead (hmm)
Is it me? Damn it well I don't believe it
Historic...and rather Dramatic times are upon us and have been in our recent history...

1.) An apparent... "resistance" has formed against Trump-Pence and is being funded immensely.
This brings much concern especially to the Resistance of the actual INFORMED PEOPLE worldwide against the New World Order and its globalist agendas.

2.) Masses upon masses have been awakened just last year and into this year. We have more investigative journalists fighting for the cause and wasting no time to get the information and exposure out there for us to delve into and spread to friends, family, neighbors, the public. WikiLeaks has provided us the exposure into the Clinton all-time scandals and ...other controversial illuminati satanist whoknowswhat that really everyone is aware of but doesn't care to much about or is just plain frightened of even the topic (and moving on..)

3.) Ah yes, the attack on the press and freedom of speech as we know it. The persecution of Journalists and independent thinkers as we know it.
Obama has really been key in pushing his shitty lying narratives and propaganda, simultaneously attacking every truth and sugarcoating every "half-truth" effectively keeping much of the brainwashed populace in an illusioned false sense of security. The 8 Year Reign of Obama, however, is just over now and we obviously are in times of trying... Times of fighting, of resistance and on both sides, and mass disinformation. We continuously divide and divide and divide. We label and stereotype, continue to race-bait and hate and classify. We disagree but not in an adult mannerly fashion, not with debate, just shouting mere insults and attacking all with ad hominem. It's effectively ineffective but it seems to be all anyone knows because all anyone does anyways is rant and scream and cry and I would like to point out that we CAN do so much better and rise so much higher from the staggeringly depressed levels we've been at.
@Bitterberries ye
Just waiting here for that big stony meteorite like a good dino 🙋 Just like we were insects to dinosaurs, when our turn comes, the surviving small species will evolve & walk the earth like we do now
@😜คŋ∂яєร😎尺øв😈 what
The end of 2016 is finally here...
But just because this year was arguably one of the worst, we cannot go into 2017 with hopes of it truly being a "new year."

The Dems are still trying to implement Trump assassination plans and as we see Obama leave the White House, he is secretly passing laws that openly give away our First amendment right, freedom of speech. We are seeing more and more nationwide CENSORSHIP and the attack on the PEOPLE is unrelenting.

The year 2017, we ought to stay vigilant and never stray from current events. We can't just forget everything that happened this year and decide it to be insignificant or unimportant to memory. We must LEARN from our mistakes, from OUR history, Not repeat it. This year we need more INDEPENDENT RESEARCHERS and JOURNALISTS. We need more people on the nation's side! On the side of the People and on the side where our President to be stands.

Just because Trump is not "politically correct" and is his OWN PERSON who DOESN'T follow the secret agendas and corporate New World Order, that doesn't mean anything except that a revolution is coming. A reformation of the ancien régime if you will. Only, we do it in bloodless battle. We voice aloud our concerns, we question everything! If the elite want to control the people, they got another thing coming because WE ARE NOT GIVING IN AND WE ARE NOT GIVING UP.
We will use our rights and the constitution to our advantage.

The power of the people. We are many in comparison to the few globalist elitists. We just need to wake up from that damned matrix they had us all in. We can't give up. We have the power of speech and we'll exercise that inalienable right until we draw our last breath. Before America can truly progress and enter a new Golden Age, we have to make America free again.

And if they want war, like they're trying to start a civil war now, then grab your arms.

"Americanism not globalism!" -Trump 2016
@Des(awkward1) I'll inform you later if you like
Yes pls! Thank you! ^-^
All those pics of the hillbullies crying thier eyes out was because they had just had their whole psychological worlds smashed.
It's called an "Amygdala Hijack, and it's extremely effective. You saw me using it effectively a couple of weeks ago on a couple of people in your celebration threads. @Crises
With's gonna take us a bit before we can become united enough to see passed the division, and come as a nation against the corruption of the UN and the EU.

We are dealing with the consequences of this election. Consequences refer to the outcome of some event or action, both good or bad.
I'm talking right now about the bad, however, because civil unrest is erupting around the ever-divided country. And were we're only so divided because of Obama's and Clinton's foundation/ administration. we've become this way and because of this election, we were able to see just how divided we are. Now we know where to start.

The reason for all of this is based solely in the fearmongering that has traversed the media far and wide. The mainstream narrative is out to divide and conquer and if that's not painfully obvious, go back and study grade school history, because this is the oldest trick in the book. Divide and conquer.

To any foreigner who "stands by America" because oh you have some friends or relatives here:
You don't care do you? Of course not, but I don't blame you. You're not here, you dont live in America and don't know what we stand for. What we as the people stand for, not as our government, society, or system stands for. You won't understand because you don't know.

We're trying to bring back the American dream. We stole our country back from the corrupted hands of Clinton and her elite globalist agenda/ corporations
But nobody else knows about any of this and that's what's so disturbing.
We wanted change. This isn't about Trump or the Republican party. This is about the American People.
This is about us departing from the systematic, one-direction, war-hungry matrix.
We are stepping back from the way things were doomed to go. This is revolutionary. And we did exactly what Brexit did. We won. Now we have to move forward and with caution, determination, and perseverance.
It's a joke, they tend to happen when u post something nonsensical in public forums
@Jtcsi what's nonsensical ?
I know it's a rule of caution not to underestimate an adversary, but these guys think they'd be elite commandos cause they have a few good matches on the call of dooty. Nothing will come of them.
Ya Team Trump No More Corruption