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~ Quick Guide to Using Paypal ~

Hello guys! Venus here!

I have had a few messages in the past month about people concerned with being scammed while selling their account or buying an account. I am admin of this board so I try to stay up to date with all the buyings and sellings and scammings of the MW world. It's sad I even have to say that but unfortunately there are many people out there who think it's perfectly fine to hide behind a computer and steal someone's hard work. That is why I decided to start a little safety series.

This post will be a brief guide to safely using Paypal to sell or buy. I have been using Paypal along with EBay for about 8 years now to buy and sell. If anyone ever has any questions on it please feel free to ask!

In no way shape or form am I saying you will never be scammed using these tips. There really is no 100% sure way besides just not selling or buying at all. Just use your best judgment and if you have second thoughts don't be afraid to involve someone you trust to mediate the sale.

First things first, Paypal has three options when sending money.
*   You as the seller can send the buyer a Money Request. This will be like an invoice to them stating what they are receiving. I actually have not used this method much.
*   Second method, the buyer can send the seller money by Goods and Services via email address. This is covered by PayPal's special garauntee if you have any problems. This method charges the reciever a small amount of fees as shown in my picture. If the person you are sending it to is in another country, not Paypal verified, or new to Paypal this method can take longer to get to them through Paypal because Paypal makes sure it is legit. It's important you select No Address from the drop down bar when proceeding with this method.
So the safest method of transaction is sending it through the email method via PayPal?
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You selling or what?
I'm thinking of selling my MW Account but I'm not sure about the price.
Here's some info:

LVL 480
Skillpoints: 4,969
VIP: 14
Mines: 7
Jewels: 72,500+
Honor Points: 154,492
Monster points: 7,300
Attack, defence, squad, monsters: see pictures

Celestial: 170
Mysterious: 443
Legendary: 289
Mystic+: 56
Eternal+: 22

Lock runes: 1,592
Attack runes: 3,337
Defence runes: 4,346
Attack-/Defence runes: 7,402
Attack reversal runes: 603
Defence reversal runes: 4,548
Reversal runes: 12,249

Binoculars: 3,166
Radar: 1,047
Elixir of growth: 6
Recharge gold: 701
Energy pods: 3,430
Stamina pods: 67
Health pods: 20
Core generator: 1

All damage bonus: +389,228%
1850 auto time: 3hrs 44min 03sec
Ahnks per run: 262,948
Tiles needed: 448 holy tiles
Holy tiles (stock): 110,917
(I'm getting more tiles than I need from the chests.)
All Ooparts unlocked.

Heart of of the Warlord LVL 284
Blademaster scroll LVL 17
Lance of Longinus LVL 10 (MAX)
Bifrost fragment LVL 5 (MAX)
Kritika LVL 11
Signet of Valor LVL 10 (MAX)
Easy money LVL 48
Whip of erbos LVL 25 (MAX)
Needle of the master healer LVL 93
Pouch of plenty LVL 210
Circle of infinity LVL 100
Serenity scroll LVL 10 (MAX)
Staff of hermes LVL 100
Medusas shield LVL 170
Crystal skull of the gemini LVL 594
Relevantion of sphinx LVL 10 (MAX)
Innere peace LVL 10 (MAX)
Coercion choker LVL 53
Diablo LVL 9
Phoenix feather LVL 10 (MAX)
Mana stone LVL 10 (MAX)
Colossus smash LVL 41
Lucky coin LVL 210
Shadow magic LVL 550
Berserker rage LVL 100
Gift of the giants LVL 25 (MAX)
Hourglass of time LVL 25 (MAX)
Heart of plenty LVL 10 (MAX)
Talisman of greed LVL 122
The mimic LVL 120

Any price suggestions?
No PMs your suggestions in the comments and please keep it serious.
If I decide to sell it I'll create another post with the conditions.
Thanks for your help.
No G2 (huh)
@Lukas pm
Si quieres comprar, debes pagar primero.
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Only g1 @TJ Dowell?