Fairy Tail
@Ben go read it
@🍃fleur des morts🍃i will a silly face
@Apple vs Apple (loveword1)
Brilliant, don't mind if I take a piece or two...with some apple frosting. 😂 (fr1)@Apple Frost
@花蓝 Be my guest (crylaugh)
@Apple Frost *kitten falls off the bed in the distance*
@Crises (fawn)(fawn)(fawn)
I got a fire in my belly now!
@⠀⠀⠀ you wouldn't understand
Poor master
@Drakon he hasn't as of yet... soo sad I wanted to see horns 😢
@DragneelHeart maybe a tail also (like)
I can not like the post enough!!! I AM SOO FREAKING EXCITED!!! 🤗
@DragneelHeart im gonna have the day set up for it
(shock) I can't wait for the next chapter.
@和美|Kazumi OMG I know!!
Just watch Natsu and Grey kill each other.
@Pablo the Sloth Trust me i will