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again im back. this board is dead while the show itself is running along slowly but id like to propose a few interesting plot twists with new gem ideas.

what if there were organic gems? sure most homeworld gems despise organic life or think little of it and you may ask what possible organic gems could even exist. but here me out that there are gemstones made from organic material.

the first one I had in mind are ambers. amber is the hardened sap from trees. it is durable and can preserve anything that's inside of it. here is the scenario here:

homeworld first arrived on earth and they need to set up a kindergarten somewhere but there is many plants covering most of the good sources for minerals. homeworld has to start somewhere and realizes it can make cheap slave worker gems from the sap of the organic plants and so thebfirst ambers are created. they are deemed part of the lowest class of gems being not only workers but also organic gems that homeworld has a distaste for. ambers are primarily used to clear out and work on preserving areas with huge mineral sources for making stronger and better worker gems. ambers are at first common and useful workers on earth among the gems and are unique to the planet itself. however as the gems start growing larger and stronger gems, the ambers are soon replaced and sent to desolate to work. most ambers are being discarded and if found useless they are shattered or possibly harvested. then the rebellion occurs. ambers have little to no use as workers anymore and are instead remodeled to become expendable warriors. many are shattered during the war while others are kept under firm control by homeworld. near the end of the war when most gems were corrupted, the remaining ambers diminished in numbers to a few single individuals as most of them were shattered or corrupted. present day ambers would despise both homeworld and the crystal gems for their misery and be rather secretive and always in hiding so as not to be destroyed
I was kind of thinking the same thing
@Chi-Chi the leaks have confirmed that this theory is actually true
Powers, she did the best she could to heal her but all she could do was turn her into lion. And she hid away like that until Steven was old enough and is there to guide him.
Or maybe lion is rose somehow??
Stevonnie, garnet and opal. All fusions. Too bad opal isn't very stable.
Press any key. where tf is the ANY key
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