If I wanted I could have done that lol but that would be no fun trust my word when I say it's just words not id's or serial codes
@®©ø|ī√a/G-∆я¢ø/♠∆ят lol why
Cause my friends when i was 10 years old told me one of this SCP, but i dont remember which it was(tears)
So far this is the best werewolf pic (like)(like)(like)
@Zero ok
Swiggity swooty im coming for that booty
this is my favorite
This one is soo good (like)
Thats is a weird looking werewolf right there (crylaugh)
It is wild Coyote xD Jk 😉
Lol that's all you can say? Vete ala verga
@LittleVixen thanks Vix
Thats dope
@Sin I know I just found 1
Who cares if it's actually a werewolf or not it's hot.
Teen wolf x dragon ball z
looks like the same art that's in Noblesse.
@Echo I cant shade
I'm sure you can