Pokemon GO
@Blaze Blitz spoof nation
@420Gramps indeed (bigsmile)
@(Um...ßane) new GPS joystick
@(Um...ßane) that's for android tho if you are on iphone you will have to use TuTu app
@420Gramps roflmao i would join team Rayquaza too if yhere was 1
@Rebeen hell yeah
@Blaze Blitz lol
its psy's gangnam style
@420Gramps what do you to spoof?
@Sal+ my GPS location lol
I know gonna be rough ain't itXD
I haven't even gotten to fivht any yet hahaha
Bit it wont let me do gyms or catch pikemon or spin pokestops. @420Gramps
@Rebeen you need to go into the play store and get the NewGPS Joystick
Hahaha 😂
օʍʄɢ (crylaugh)(crylaugh)
Damn. @420Gramps hahaha
Yea you will need a group lol
@Rebeen try new GPS joystick
Will try ty @420Gramps
How is it going bro?? Been awhile lol
Got him not to long ago:)
Dam that sucks