Wow. Already a 3rd new frame
Let me guess. His questline will be from the arbiters of hexis?
@just ciphy enjoy that passive. Can't wait till we get em
@Prophet the mods for pets got a few buffs as well so it will be a good combo.
That brought a smile so I'll give a like
Ohh that ember tho
Hyped af for this
I mite get it for Xbox 1.
@Kyle noice
@DemonReturns(ciphy)i think so
A hunter frame that uses her abilities to lure enemies to their deaths while buffing herself and her allies through her surrounding environment.
@DemonReturns(ciphy) i wouldn't call the simulor a full buff. Take a closer look at what got nerfed on it
@Prophet well im happy with the reworks for harpak, buzlok and hind
@DemonReturns(ciphy) it's this friday btw.
@Prophet great
Mmn... dat ignis....
There it is 😆 I asked when they would do shooting stars and you said in due time, well they did it and I enjoyed this 👍
@Hal Jordan glad you liked it XD
@Prophet -_-
I fucking knew it
@Prophet great to hear. I haven't been playing as much recently but my clan won the ignis wraith bp research during the event
@DemonReturns(ciphy) nice!
Now we wait for the Shooting Stars one 😆
@Hal Jordan due time
Good thing they lowered it tho
@Prophet I may have been cursed