Oh well, time to adjust i guess
Git gud, dont get caught still for more than .002 of a second cause you'll get rekt
Eh.... probably
Ehh, i can assure you if they ever gave us the option to kill lotus, i would.
Cause the last time someone hyped up a frame infested related was atlas... when was the last time you ever seen him in a squad lmao
Nobody knows of the infested frame cause the masses thought he was gonna suck. Like atlas. But they both are beasts
For me, looks like Symbiotes from the Marvel comics but it looks pretty good
@Hal Jordan them marvel references tho
@Prophet.☇Instinct ☇ k. Internet was out here so I didnt see it for myself yet
@Gamma/CFR-3 sall good fam.
@Gamma/CFR-3 frost prime better get his but back in my ship, we need more of his kind!
@Prophet.☇Instinct ☇ will do
@Gamma/CFR-3 im showing this to all my tenno peeps
@Prophet.☇Instinct ☇ currently trying to farm meso f2 relics
Try some of these other places, good luck fam
@Prophet.☇Instinct ☇ thanks
Gonna work on getting that ember prime
@Gamma/CFR-3 good luck to ya.
You didn't leave a comment as usual so i thought you didnt watch it XD
@Prophet.☇Instinct ☇ wasnt interested enough to leave one
@Gamma/CFR-3 where my popcorn, cause you are probably gonnahave to wait another 3 months
@Prophet.☇Instinct ☇ just pm me what prime frame it is
@Prophet.☇Instinct ☇ it doesn't reveal the story. Just some new features added to the game but I guess its up to you since its tied in with the expansion
Already heard about this stuff anyway, im basically a pc player with Internet explorer download speeds XD