@just ciphy it would be nice. But lol... maybe in the futiee
@Prophet can't believe its been a year since I've asked you what frame she was
@just ciphy time flies man Time flies
Called it. Next should be hydroid
A mighty fine upgrade. Still looks like a bigger moa but actually puts up a fight and works strategically.
Sick dude 😃
@just ciphy maybe you'll see a different side of em.
@Prophet maybe. The titania questline did not give me a new perspective of new loka. It only made me dislike them even more. Theyre just like the ignorant PETA members who get triggered by anything
@just ciphy enjoy that passive. Can't wait till we get em
@Prophet the mods for pets got a few buffs as well so it will be a good combo.
That brought a smile so I'll give a like
Ohh that ember tho