Global Skywatch
@ExistentialistFoxy Yes !! I love them too
Puurrrreettyyyy (huh)(huh)(huh)(heartbeat2)
@Bitterberry friend
So amazing 😍
@Chuck this is true, but only because of the way we've been led to live. People were getting dumbed-down and taking antidepressants and watching tv. People were pretty much little more than
@Chuck mind-controlled zombies. The year 2016 really showed a true awakening of the people. And 2017 will be our revolutionary year
Looks like what I see every morning .-.
@[Unknown] same
Well damn
The colors are lovely at least(fool)
I like it
Lol this is funny stuff 1000 other this gas will kill you before any chem trail fall out will And that's a fact
💜 ya kush
@D3CAY well actually no. They just didn't look relevant enough and didn't have captions to indicate such
@D3CAY you just like to assume things but that's okay