@Lilith :o
@Ben thats why his nickname is "im a jerk that no one likes"
@Ben yeah i had to sign a waiver saying they were for feeding purposes only
@Ben something about a previous customer buying mice and torturing them..or something like that
Hulk smash
*arms nuke* are we locked on people? *fire
I thought maybe eggs.
@GnomeSpunk could be
I'm a fan of the haplopelma genus. I've had the lividum, hainanum and the longipes. Next I would like to get the albostriatum.
@Sami im actually iffy on the cobalt. i love handling my tarantulas and id prefer not to get bit so whats your experience
@FoxHaven_Ciphy I like insects and arachnids mostly. I just hate giant centipedes and pepsis wasps. they terrify me
@FoxHaven_Ciphy not because of what they are...but because of what they do
@lala i should have 14 tarantulas
@Lilith wow that's a lot
@intrshadow that is WAY to tiny of a molt to look at. the molt was maybe an inch including legs I'd need a magnifying glass
Its cute how it pounces. I bet its saying surprise motherfucker!
Awesome spiders are so cool
@★[я]Diani†e ★ because arachnids are amazing
@Sami Dalhia is a nhandu chromatus. Juju is a homoeomma sp. blue. Karma, Sutra, & Ouija are harpactira pulchripes. Malice & Chantri are avicularia purpurea. Nova & Mayhem are grammostola rosea red.
@Sami Keeva is a psalmopoeus irminia.
You know I'm up for it. (thumb2)
@™fσχуツ they art
Squish squish squish!
@Au§tin gladly
@Lilith lel good luck
@petrip acid
Forsho my ninja
If it bites her dont blame me
I'am scary by this spider
@Ărc RIGHT?!?!?!?!
@Lilith Do you like snakes? Im a huge fan of them, cant get one anytime soon though :/