Global #GIFhumor hashtag event has begun!

Starting from 3/22 to 4/22, submit a funny GIF image in any Pal+ board and include the hashtag #GIFhumor in the article to enter our event. All event participants will receive "Pato Pancake (A Duck Abroad Series)" sticker pack for free!

Event reminder:
* Your article must match the topic theme of the board you're submitting to
* Include hashtag #GIFhumor in your article
* Include your Pal+ id to receive the free sticker pack
* Make sure you do not violate Pal+ TOS ( when submitting article
* Join Pal+ Facebook fan page ( to receive future event updates!

◇ "Pato Pancake (A Duck Abroad Series)" sticker pack will be delivered within 10 days after the end of event.
◇ Event period is from March 22 00:00 to April 22 2016 PST 00:00. (GMT+8 16:00)