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Iam selling 1 of my lol accounts, all information will be written down below.
After the purchase i will send you the LOGINS + the email of the account will be changed to YOURS.

why chose me?
1: i have sold over 10 lol accounts some users forget to feedback me :(
2: you get what yoy pay for, that is 100% guaranteed!
3: i will make sure, that you will get the control of the account, so it is 100% yours.

please feel free to ask anything, just pm me.

The account is located at EUW!
it has 180 skins!
i couldnt fit all the pictures of the skins in the setting, but there is only shown like a 100 on the pictures, if you would like to know a specific skin for your champion let me know, and i will look!

Rare/ultra rare skins!

Pax sivir
Victorious Janna: Was obtained in season 2, when you hit gold!
Victorious Morgana: Season 4 Gold or plat, not sure.
Championship Riven: Could be bought in season 2, or if you used a skin code.
Victorious Maokai: Was obtained when you hit gold in season 6 i believe.
Victorious Sivir: was obtained when you hit gold in season 5

If my math is correct, there is spent 1219 eu on the skins! -the limited
also there is been used 170k rp on the account!

rune pages 19 the rune pages will be refunded when the new "runes" come!
rune rypes: ALOT!! witch also will be refunded when the new "runes come!

hextec crafting:
7 skins
10000 orange essence
blue essence 0

2 champions (owned)

6 chests 2 keys

the account has lv 2 honour. ( not been playing much on it!)

it will take me from 5 mins, to 24 hours to change the logins to yours! depends how busy iam on the day.

Note: i do not offer returns, when you have recieved the propper logins, and the email is changed to yours, wich i record everytime i change the info to the new buyers.

Im ready for offers ;)
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