Favorite Films
You give me cancer.
@Frid the drug dealer greatness*
This was a good movie to watch
@kris yeah it sure wz bro :)
I am a huge western fan so I may have to check it out
Yuck this was a awful movie lol
I know how...just dont care lol
@Madly@Ashish SasiThis is nice movie, 👍👍👍
Miss Granny, yg nenek-nenek itu kah? Genrenya fantasy? *lupa-lupa ingat 😂
Iya betuuull 😂😂 @savirasu
The day is coming closer to the time where they soon will change Logan's and the rest of the X-men actors (tears) (that's the harsh, true spoiler behind this Movie)
Jokes on you i already knew that xD