The Random one
pie(titter) @MrFreeze55 @Andrés Rob..i never heard of those anime lol
@Yuki Chan Glenn Radars from "Akashic records of bastard magical instructor" Koro-sensei from "Assassination Classroom" One was recently (from last year) and the other is infamous. Both are good
Had Terry's chocolate orange yesterday and had to stay home today.. pfff this would definitely destroy a small city if my tummy exploded... xD good luck all dearing choco fans
@ё ٩(•ᴗ• ٩) (wicked) that's a shame....chocolate oranges are so good too :) Feel better quickly!
Dark chocolate cake(huh)(huh)(huh) Or mittens(cat1)
But it's RAW!
@MrFreeze55 i just take a red velvet
Lol your right (nitrous)
Hey 😎. I'm Kim, 14,and I live in New York city. I'm just on here to chat too. So is anyone down
Love your pink cost(like)(like) (fawn)
Ok (tongue)
Damn.. right on