The Random one
@Bitterberries(crylaugh)(crylaugh)(crylaugh) whose the doggo? 0.0
@Bitterberries if you know? 030
@Pamela Mkxjsoreno what? 0.0
Yes @🐼 ;-; so selfish peeps
Wtf kind of friend is that lol?
@Pablo the Sloth No, there is mild confusion because I'm not the only Kitsune on the app anymore.
@🐾 ӄïtઽϋήë 🐾 Ooh. XD
@Saya Potopanda🐼damn millionairs
@manoj deb(crylaugh)(crylaugh)(crylaugh)(crylaugh) yup true
@🎴O®nii-chan @~☕️Cassie☕️~ @Bitterberries indeedles
@mur...DMC I can't eat much sweet at once :/
Eat it for few days 😜
Too long, can I just call it Sam?
@[FSU](°~°) sure thing
@Bitterberries Cool.
@Bitterberries xD yes he is :3
Abheeegao face(huh)
@Nayan you?? 0.0
@Saya Potopanda🐼me... Aww.. but I don't know baby.. How it is possible babe?
@Saya Potopanda🐼 stop leaving <_<
@The Heartless Pariah oku o3o I'll try my best to stay xD
I miss you nicky 😞glad you had a great year and let's hope this one is even better! Cheers
I did an awful typo so I deleted my last comment cuz I'm nazi like that! JASON❤ I miss you too babe! Haha thank you ☺️ I hope yours to be great as well! I'm always a Skype call away silly! @Jason Klein
Have you ever had that one person you admired and looked up to more than anyone else, someone you trusted more than anyone could imagine. I once had a person who was like that to me.. I had a small group with that friend of mine, only 6 people were in that group but in my entire time on pal i have never felt as happy as i was in that group, we all got along and shared similar interests, that one person seemed to be the only thing holding that group together. My ignorance slowly split that group apart. Before i knew it i had hurt a friend of mine, and i failed to notice it happening, that one person i admired, respected and looked up to grew angry at me pushed me away. At first i tried to figure out what i had done to anger him, then i felt regret and rumorse and even after that i grew angry at him... i couldnt understand why everything had fallen apart or how it could all end so quicly. now all i can do is regret that i was and that i still am so ignorant. i still dont understand why you are so mad at me all i know is that for someone like you who was always so kind to me, who was always so helpful, for someone who onve lit up my world and made me feel like I was actually worth something. I am truly, sorry for whatever it is i did that caused you to hate me so much. I hope that eventually you will be able to forgive me.

I know you dont like to be singled out and i know you dont like drama so i will make sure your name is hidden in a ton of tags so that you arent bothered in any way.
Well a lot happened back then and we can't change the past but maybe someday we can talk about it and be friends again
Hey Satoru. Good morning.