The Random one
Don't doubt sensei, I know what i'm talking about 👌😋
@😜คŋ∂яєร😎尺øв😈 lol OK sensei as you say :3
I literally threw up and feel panicky looking at this...
@♠RavenLore why ;-;
Take care bro and be safe
You will be missed
So sweet
Nice picture
Kadir Kartı Kadir karti
Selim Aydın inekler fotoğraflarını sabah cekermisin Kadir karti Galeri Bugün gönderir misin resim
Yup my first 10 photos in my phone r like that. I was a student, and now I am a teacher. I have plenty of those to look at (tears)
@[FSU](°~°) wow n I thought you're only 14 o.o you're older then I thought xD
I hate Valentine's day, but the aftersale on chocolate and candy is pretty cool.
@André yes it is (:
This is not new lol this has been around for a long long time
😀😁😂right bro
@Khal🎈 thank you so much (fawn)(fawn)(heartbeat2)
You clearly have never watched the hentai prince and the stoney cat.. Or even star exorcists.. Hell.. Fucking reLife looks better than this xD
Same xD
@🐼 nice xD
@Benioioioioi pushing but not working
What are all these days wtf
@EdVentur some stuff teenagers celebrate (notsmile)
Now u r saying there r 2 Hema. The Hema I talked about is not real (cheese), so u can't be Hema. Case closed! (cool).
@[FSU](°~°) (tears) but I am hema
@Omar Kill