Pokémon Gameplay
哟 哟 哟
Ben try : "Touhou Puppet Dance Performance". I finished it and i can say it's pretty difficult, I know the characters aren't pokemon but gameplay is the same. (with some alterations of course).
@Dogester even played it yet
I havent*
@Shrimp/Ashley hey ash
@karma sloooooooooooooooot
@ҎЯΣÐΛŦӨЯ 凸( ๏ิ₃๏ิ)凸 I am ur sluuut
@Kami damn I need to get to that level of existence too (sosad)
@ҎЯΣÐΛŦӨЯ 凸(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)凸 one day, one day :)
@Satoru Hitome that's awesome I've been playing on it and I love it
@Shanks™ / RedRose and thnx I'll let u know
Awesome sis 😃👌
@🎼🎸PASCAL🎮🎧 thnx
I need to wait 3 more days (spit)
@Fizz damn lol
Hated that thing since it was released
Frighting no girls
Lol it happened to me when my.bro erased my Pokémon ruby
My younger siblings kept doing that by accident to some games I played a few years ago