Fallout 4
So true!
I once was an adventurer like you, then I took an arrow to the knee. -All Skyrim guards
https://youtu.be/qN80_7rNmcE @Shadow Huntress
*bows down to the Pebbles* OH GREAT ONE DONT EAT ME
@zbucket Mr Peebles was the lucky one (sure1)
How did u get so much caps
Are u playing fallout 4 on low settings?
wtf is tjat
U can get a 44magnum at start after by the bridge and water bed u know when u find it when u see a generator follow the cord from it and u see a skeleton with the gun and some ammo
Don't start the story to soon but the first story mission you can get power armor also don't go to far south because that's where all the super dangerous ones are so wait until you have decent guns
We need some more votes people
Wow, useless. Cant believe he even tried to sue them o.O
That's why you gotta find a wife who loves video games as much as you do. 😂
>In power armor >Literally fearing ANYTHING Great shame from ancestors.
Hate those damn things
Lvl 75
I could get it higher but i like the legendary attributes i have going atm