Is that a human or a doll?
Pretty cool doll
@Satoru Hitome it was after they won the game with the princess and the underwear was the price
Shiro d best ;)
Kurumi! (like)
I took the pic i had too xD lol
@Triggy i dont mind
Waifu #8: Pirra From: RWBY
I like her red hair, it matches mine😄(genie2)
@ℜyuu fuck u
@Alice Yuki yaaart is also from the anime "Ninja Slayer From Animation" made by the Trigger, the studio that made Kill La Kill
I love her eyepatch :3
Go read the manga already 😀
Uumm yes that fucking hot (amen)
Why Steph? Lol
I drame anime !!!