Tap Warlords
Pm me
How does tap warlord effect mw
Yeah i have lot problem the first time try buy oopart for bonus attack %
Wait untill you reach this stage
I think repeat as the first one
I dread active searches because of it
@draknarian im at 10 myself. You go threw the early stages so fast now all you do is spam tap for hours (tears)
@Vlad(Sora)@Drakoman tomorrow last exams (cheese)(cheese)(cheese)
@† [RcЯ]GΩD ★ lol gl
@Oblivion @Yannick (Kilburn) @† [RcЯ]GΩD ★ thanks to TapWarlord I now get 2energy a second in normal game.
@ScubaSteve | GL no problemo.. Me too and some players too.. Its amazing but i want the normal regen back (sweat)
? How far?