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@Kn | Michael (Ræ) exactly
@Grantell Venom pal never notified me of your message....of course you aren't I love seeing people post ^~^
Can I ask a question? Is this board spoiler free or not? Are we allowed to post spoilers or are we prohibited? (nowords)
@Intrshadow I specifically want to meet this creator who does psychoanalysis of the characters. 😍 I find that so fascinating and fun! Though..I'll probably just admire from afar 😅.
it's alright though! Thank you anyway. I was just curious. Sure I can find stuffs about it online.
I am not really caught up on the series yet, but this character looks really cute. What's do you love about her? (love1)
Ok. I know it has been sometime since the last time I posted anything. But this is something I have to. This week we got an amazing episode. Honestly it was one that was needed for some time now. Before I go too much more into this keep in mind. I will be touching on Season 7 Episode 13. If you don't like spoilers, you have been warned.

The thing with this episode. Just, wow. I became a Brony almost 3 years ago now. Never thought I would like a show on colored ponies, but was very much impressed with this show. Recently have been rethinking about this as the show for season 7 was not grabbing me like it did when I first started watch. Than this episode came. "The Perfect Pear." I have to say, a better title did not exist. We got one of the major things I have been wanting for a long time. Family, a true touch on Applejack's parents. So let's say hello to Pear Butter(Mom) and Bright Mac(Dad). Now I won't go to much in detail as I don't want to ruin the episode in its entirety, and I would love for you all to watch it yourselves as well. But I do have to say this. If you only see one episode this season. This was the one. The music, the story, the details. And to top it off the feels. I have not been touched by an episode of an animated show in a very long time. I will say this one got to me. I have now watched it on YouTube at least 20 different times now. And I can say I will watch it even more. So if you still come here, or if you find this by chance as an MLP fan, please make sure you check it out when you can. As I said, this is the Must See for this season.
Signing off once more. And hope to see you soon.
@Rias Gremory Shame look on YouTube if you can all the season 6 are there
Plan to as soon as the Internet provider makes their slow ass way to my place XD
Those are toooooooo cute!
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@TheGayestOfTheGay what