Monster Warlord!
Not Trusted
Happy birthday
Family for life <3
I'm half way already with one of them... But gold wise... Not even close XD
@Echo the amount of gold required is just nutz (cry)
Damm, u kept a screen shot for this long, it has changed alot...
0.04p ?
Never really knew you were on G1(crylaugh)(crylaugh)(crylaugh)
Well I wasn't for 2 years actually.
Yup QUITTING GAME in general
For g2 must wait 14 days. Bad trade. Still have but postponed 14 days.
that's a spirit. good luck with selling. :v TRUSTED.
Juhuu^^ i tought i was the only one having that problem xD
Testtttttt holo pal hi im dotk (wicked)