"I am 14 and this is deep" Oh Reddit, I got a new candidate for ya
السلام علیکم
@VC,DH-Lamonar thnx
Just finished Moon, what a great game. Even found 2 Shiny
O mí (huh)
@Lito Bobby@🐼(crylaugh)(crylaugh)
Sweet 😍😍😍
You are sweet too
@Clypeus delete yourself from the face of the 🌎
Of course. Don't even care if they are men
Y@Roger Alyson
@Hellsing Hell yeah son, you better top hitter been playing for so damn long (flaunt)
@Swaggy Wolf not yet
Aaaa rabbit 🐰 @farooqAzam
50 shades of purrrrr
Young pussy..
App messing up since update :/
@DamnHot o, lol its ok
@Mr Pick it failed hardcore
I wish this was true in my case but unfortunately it is not
@~ ɗαɲɲɣ™ ~ sweden
@sam saam where in Sweden?
@MS👄Bl0wMeBtch👄FC errr jk it was a scorpion. I always get those 2 mixed up
@ҎЯΣÐΛŦӨЯ 凸(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)凸 Lies (tears)(tears)
@karma Give up? What iz that?? A new anime?? xD
@Des/Archer (giggle) I wish