Really beautiful shots
@Μΐ⚡τγ thanks :)
Lol haha(bigsmile)(bigsmile)
Now we wish we were kids again, no responsibilities and only needed to focus on school
@Intrshadow hmm so true Wow but this is so right on
Haha lol what(snore)(snore)
I want to see it ...going to get a bigger opening thaj Justice League. That is great and sad at the same time
Lol thats funny
Send me private price please :)
@Yann Dhersin I send you a request
Now I want a strawberry shortcake so bad lol
Me tooo(heartbeat2) give her a (rose)
@MrFreeze55 That's are old mercury bulbs
@Kim :o
i cri
They could of called her "load receiver"
Bang on the money nan, keep them door flying.
@Aegon Targaryen but
My love
Wow hold it what(arm)(arm)
I love dogs 😘😮
WOW (happy)(happy)(happy)(happy)(happy)
Thats a good one
Yeah I don't like any good byes@Yuki's STUDY MODE🤓
@Kim wise :)