Ok I'm ready.....lol
@draqwolf Most of the sunday's and I work but this sunday was my day-off :)
Most enjoyable thought
Whats dmg have tu tap in mw
Daughter or sister? It is hard to tell.
Or is Amber the cat? If so the difference is easier to tell. Lol
And if I'm already womdering how far I can take it without 'acting' on it, then I'm already weak minded and shouldn't be in a relationship, rememeber..it starts in the mind before you DO anything.
And no one is EVER going to admit to their partner what the entirety of the flirting was about...sooooo that's how emotional cheating happens before it can be become physical. (Drops mic)
You are cute and I love you
@Bl0w💋 (unhappy) it ok I missed you
Doesn't sound like a very good diet.....
Awww so cute!
Nice quote
Gorgeous 😁
@MrFreeze55 thanks 😊
Hello my friend
really cute
@Drakoman k 🤔
Happy late new year
@lazy boy to you toooo
@Rod :3
@Slime O.o
So yummy😘😘
The anime girl is so pretty