@👁️ (happy)
Kill it before it procreates!
@Wolfsbane lololololol
Aw, he's scared. It's okay, wee child, I won't now. Fear makes you taste bad. @Sir Wot
I have plenty of others that enjoy my tastes better, anyway. (huh)
You pampered her lol
@Rebecca yeah I do
It's okay Revy, he's just bored. Nobody here is a weeb. -pets-@[я]ev
@ӄïtë૨ï🐾ӄïtઽϋήë thanks ;-;
@Prophet Cheapass water
I don't see Jake there ;-;
@Joann Loves You❤🔐 you should anyhow...this is under the art page ;)
@MrFreeze55 you should share yours too:)
(like) wow (nowords)
Beautiful .
I'd give it to both the cat n the dog cos I love both of them n I have 2 cats myself
@Daniel totally agree:D
@420Grampswow mine too
(gun2)(gun2)where is that artist who draws rubbish best?(gun2)(gun2)
@Sparkle Face:)
Stealing this
Pm me @j¤rgιe
@Dungeons and Bobby wut