For some peoples, it's an ice cream but for another ones, its a fruit candy with melting formula 😃, which one for you?
@🎼🎸PASCAL🎮🎧 fruit candy definitely
@Benioioioioi💙hahah lucky cat
Awwwww little cuties❤
Awes so cute
So pretty and beautiful (fawn)(fawn)(fawn)
Love it :)
The dog must be so sad (crylaugh)
@Blaze Blitz yeah kitty broke his heart (sweat)
It's beautiful and transmits peace
So pretty and beautiful
I love how people see one movie, do a wee minimum wikipedia search, and label the most lunatic, original, chaotic character... a rip off.
@ӄïtë૨ï🐾ӄïtઽϋήë ikr there's a reason why he's one of the most popular characters and its because he's literally one of a kind. Unless you count his multiversal versions of himself (amen)
Add me group?
Idk but i like where this is going
How heavy is that chunky cat (crylaugh)
@丂 (fool)(fool)
。。。。。看不懂 (dizzy)
@Calloway Flooring who are u again?
Anime girl.and teach her to cook..who can stand curly fries everyday...take a month before a clogged artery lol
Hmm obesity or a hot chick. I think you know what I want 😛🍑